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½ November 18, 2016
Hasn't seen this one since it first came out, so it was a lot of fun revisiting. It's a silly film, but funny and fairly clever in the way that it makes it crazy time travel premise work. Both Alex Winters and a super young looking Keanu Reeves give winning performances. Just a light easy comedy that I enjoyed.
November 5, 2016
A most triumphant and outstanding movie, dudes!
½ November 3, 2016
A stoner film. Not great, not bad if you're hammered.
½ October 7, 2016
Still so much nostalgic fun! I really hope they end up actually making part 3. bodacious.
½ October 2, 2016
Watched last night with Katie - still amusing if not a little dated
September 27, 2016
Tremendous movie. With great over the top acting, Funny, and profound.
½ September 18, 2016
2016-09-18 super silly
August 22, 2016
A classic comedy movie from the late 80's for teenagers, not a major one to see, but still one you should enjoy, unless you're a grumpy ass adult. It's a clever, funny and goofy film, which in the end, is pretty good and Keanu Reeves is much more energetic than in his later flicks. It also has a great rock score. Recommended !!
August 15, 2016
I really liked it I was very shocked I thought it would be bad but it was brilliant
½ August 11, 2016
3 stars because I disagree with the "one world theory" of time
½ August 9, 2016
Pair of slacker metalheads time travel in a phone booth to prepare for a history assignment in this quirky eighties comedy that ultimately became a cult classic.
½ July 25, 2016
This was hard to watch, but I stomached through it. Awkward to watch. I wonder why.......fuck Yey, I finally see Keanu Reeves smile. Silly movie. Very dated. Entertaining.
½ July 16, 2016
Funny as hell, it's quite amazing how excellent this movie is, with great humor, a silly plot and humorous perfomances from Reeves and Winter, "Bill & Ted" is a good time guaranteed, dude.
July 12, 2016
Very fun movie to watch with family but it reaks of the 1990s.
½ July 11, 2016
What's not to love? Winter and Reeves are such lovable and enjoyable characters, plus the whole absurdity with the 'historical figures' and the adventure they go on is so fun. Yeah, it's campy. So what? Who cares? Napoleon's hilarious, George Carlin's hilarious, Billy the Kid's hilarious, Socrates is hilarious, Captain Logan is such a great "enforcing father" character, I could go on and go. God fucking DAMN it, I love this movie!!!
½ May 28, 2016
½ May 7, 2016
a slightly cooler after-school special
April 27, 2016
As far time travel movies go, Bill and Ted is about as flawed as they come where logic is concerned. On top of that, the acting is virtually non-existent, but B&T remains a great cult classic for it's sense of humor and surprising philosophical depth.
April 24, 2016
such a very good movie they need to make another I know they got two but most definitely look into it if they got the money to make another one they need to
½ April 21, 2016
"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" is a totally righteous ode to 80's heavy metal and stupid humor. This cult classic does not contain a single serious moment so you need to be in a "Wayne's World"/"Billy Madison" mood before you watch. The plot is simple - these high school airheads need to get an A+ on their final history project or they will fail their senior year "most egregiously." Why do we care? Because the future of humankind hinges on them forming a band and using their "most excellent" guitar music to bring the universe into peaceful harmony. The road to success involves a time travelling phone booth that will allow them to collect historical figures and bring them back to their high school to help with their presentation. It sounds like the worst movie ever, but it absolutely works. The intentional overacting of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter drives the story along at a fast pace. George Carlin ties it all together as the straight man that gives direction to the clueless duo. Highlights of the film include Napoleon eating ice cream, Napoleon at a bowling alley, Napoleon on waterslides, and a mall madness sequence where Billy the Kid, Socrates (pronounced "So-craytes"), Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, and other historical figures create total chaos in modern times. The entire film is cleverly educational while manipulating the legacies of these characters to create comedy. My favorite moments occur when the main characters manipulate time to help themselves in the past, even though the script purposefully creates inexplicable time paradoxes just to mess with us. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" is a relatively family-friendly comedy that has become iconic throughout the years and will have you continually laughing out loud as long as you are in the right mood!
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