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Bill Hicks Live: Satirist, Social Critic, Stand Up Comedian Reviews

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June 7, 2011
My hero, Bill. If you're not familiar with his work, this is the DVD to begin with... watch the first segment, "One Night Stand" to see his genius at work... then watch the documentary "Just a Ride". Life changing.
April 24, 2011
While not necessarily his best performances, this compilation of latter day Hicks is potent.
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November 9, 2010
It's my fault. I've often wondered if/wished I could see George Carlin for the first time now. And I thought that this would be my chance. I placed Hicks on the pedestal that only belongs to Carlin, and as I sat down to watch this compilation of this finest performances, I expected too much, more than any man could rightfully be expected to deliver. Though Hicks really needs to pick up the pace and some of his antics got too loud and drawn-out, the stand-up was not devoid of good lines. He tells the story of non-smokers who cough to indicate their displeasure with his smoking, to whom he replies, "It's a good thing you don't smoke; imagine how bad your cough would be then. That's a cruel thing to do: cough at a smoker. What else do you do? Go up to cripples and dance?" And the ejecting of a child out of a moving airplane was classic.
But overall, I was disappointed, and it's my fault.
½ September 6, 2010
Incase you don't know who Bill Hicks is, I'll tell you. Bill Hicks is probably the funniest stand up comedian of all-time, not only that but probably one the most intelligent people to ever stand on stage, infront of a audience. You may ask why would I make such a statement, about someone who didn't get to see his own 33rd birthday. He didn't live long enough to established himself amoung the other high ranking comedians, you might say?

That would be a bias and unfair judgement to make without ever seeing one of his performances. The man was a pure genius, if the guy can make me laugh out loud and piss myself, I would say he's comic mastermind. Not only was Hicks funny, he was very insightful and had his own philosophy. His ideas made more sense than anything I learn in school. Seriously.

In the long run, Bill Hicks might be the best teacher I'd ever had. And I never even met the guy, which is quite sad now that I think about it. I had for years, been told Hicks one the best, if not the best comedian to do stand up. I was always thinking people might have hyped him up too much.

Well they didn't, I would have to atleast have to say he's my favorite stand up based on his overall charm. The guy could probably get me to fuck a chicken. Speaking of chicken fucking, it's very ovious that Bill Hicks is the inspiration for a certain character on South Park. Actually Trey Parker and Matt Stone stole alot of humor from Hicks and put into South Park.

But even Hicks is better than the immitations of his persona. You can't copy a pure genius, Often tried but never duplicated. So if you love stand up, or maybe even South Park for that matter, see the original Bill Hicks. If you don't laugh your ass off while watching this, you must have hit the mute button. Highly recommended, the man way ahead of his time. Also, if your not the biggest fan of South Park, I'm not either, so don't worry. Hicks is alot funnier than his South Park Incarnations.
June 30, 2009
a Legend before his time. The world lost a great man the day he died. Raw, True, Bold and totally hilarious.
April 5, 2007
The BEST. This man was a prophet and was here to spread the message for just a short while. RIP Bill.
March 28, 2007
He`s funny...goddamn is he funny.

I got hooked on Hicks when I first saw "Sane Man" and later came to Relentless. The Live Satirist DVD was a vailiable at the library and I gave it a shot and holy shit this guy`s good.

Relentless in particularily was great. Sane man was funnier but relentless struck a chord with me a little more. It had dick jokes, smart jokes, rants and some clean had everything. Moths on the way to the sun, Playing from one`s fucking heart, the woes of oral sex and all the Yul Breyner and Jim Fixx you can handle. I was in stitches by the end of it although many jokes i`d already heard from Sane Man and he was more angry than funny but he went full out and tore it up. So far, I`ve not yet seen Revelations yet since my computer`s DVD player is on the fritz...fuck...but once I figure out how to disconnect the VHS and hook up my DVD player under the mess I have on my desk I`ll do it up like it`s never been done before...up

I`d HIGHLY reccommend it for lots of laughs and several sets of soaked pants.
½ January 29, 2006
The pro0blem with a DVD like this it only makes you wanting more. While nothing to the level of Eddie Murphy Raw it's still a great 3 set collection of Bill Hick's comedy
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