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Two stupid college students stop to use the bathroom and end up trapped in a bio-dome, or simulated earth. After they throw a party and trash the place, they must restore the dome's ecosystem -- but not without a fair share of beer guzzling and flatulence.


William Atherton
as Dr. Faulkner
Joey Adams
as Monique
Henry Gibson
as William Leaky
Kylie Minogue
as Petra Von Kant
Dara Tomanovich
as Mimi Simkins
Patricia Hearst
as Doyle's Mother
Kevin West
as T.C. Romulus
Denise Dowse
as Olivia Biggs
Roger Clinton
as Professor Bloom
Robbie Thibaut Jr.
as Young Doyle
Adam Weisman
as Young Bud
Butch McCain
as Reporter Joachim West
Jack Black
as Tenacious D
Kyle Gass
as Tenacious D
as Drummer
Joe Sib
as Singer
Soda Pop
as Guitarist
Molly Bryant
as Bio-Dome Technician
Ben McCain
as Anchor Aries West
Katherine Kousi
as Vigilante
Elizabeth Guber
as Vigilante
Chloé Hult
as Vigilante
Phil LaMarr
as Assistant
Paul Eiding
as Assistant
Andy Lucchesi
as SWAT Guy
Cecile Krevoy
as Woman in Bandstand
Jordan Mayerson
as Kid Tourist
Jason A. Davis
as Kid Tourist
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Critic Reviews for Bio-Dome

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Audience Reviews for Bio-Dome

  • Mar 21, 2016
    Let's be honest, there's no way that this is a worse movie than Adam Sandler's worst. I know this is considered one of the worst movies ever made, and I wouldn't entirely disagree with that, since I did give it one and a half stars. I don't mean to even come close to suggesting that this was a good movie, but I can sort of see how the film came to have a cult following. Yes, the writing is childish, the characters of Bud and Doyle are stupid and obnoxious and the humor leaves a lot to be desired. But you have to admit that there's a certain chemistry between Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. There were instances where they almost break character by laughing at what the other is doing. It seemed like they legitimately enjoyed working with each other, so, to me, that actually did add something to the movie. Clearly not much, but it added something. At the very least it's not like a Sandler movie where they make offensive jokes about homosexuals, minorities, women, etc, etc before going "I'm sowwy" and slapping themselves on the wrists. It's that sort of shit that people hate about Sandler. At the very least this movie, to me, doesn't really seek to offend. It's just a purposely stupid movie. And it's really hard for me to hate a movie whose entire purpose is to be as dumb as humanly possible. Then again, one of the worst film experiences I've ever had was Date Movie and that was designed to be really fucking stupid. I think that, perhaps, if I watched the movie on my own then I wouldn't have hated it as much. Since I watched this in a theater full of people, that all seemed to be enjoying the movie, it made the experience worse. If I had been watching this in a movie theater full of people, I can imagine me thinking this is considerably worse than it actually is. Again, I'd say that this movie is bad, but I can see how it has a cult following. I can't say that for a lot of other movies with cult followings, like, for example, Grandma's Boy, which was just a dreadful fucking movie. I think a lot of this film's reputation has to do with the fact that Pauly Shore himself has been, pretty much, a joke. And I can see why. He just looks like an unfunny asshole. And I'm not saying that there aren't valid complaints about this film, but I'm certain that like .01% of that negative reaction is due to Pauly Shore being seen as a mockery of what 'real' comedy is like. Pauly's comedic style isn't necessarily my cup of tea, I find him obnoxious, but I'm sure there's an audience for it. Comedy is a more open-ended genre than any other out there. What's funny to me might not necessarily be funny to anyone else. Same with Pauly Shore. But, like I said, him and Stephen Baldwin have surprisingly decent chemistry and that helps make the movie slightly more bearable. Who am I kidding, this movie, realistically speaking, is kind of awful. But it's an awful you can laugh at and get some enjoyment from. I wouldn't recommend it, of course, but I had some good laughs at its expense.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • May 06, 2012
    this film bought down the career of shore & baldwin who had just come off the critically lauded the usual suspects. why this film was made is beyond me, it could have worked if all the slapstick wasn't turned up to a hundred. interesting idea just misguided by allowing shore to keep hammering home he's brand of humour. major miss for my liking but i give it a couple of stars as I did enjoy once a upon time.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Aug 10, 2011
    Bio-Dome is one of the last "major" films starring Pauly Shore, and it's no secret as to why he faded after this piece of trash. When Pauly Shore first started out, he did bring a few laughs. Encino Man and Son in Law were decent comedies. After that, Pauly became so repetitive and unfunny so fast that it's no wonder that he's in the where are they now file. This film is stupid, dimwitted, excrutiatingly painful to watch. Bio-Dome is a poorly made comedy with no laughs whatsoever, there's only one chuckle to be had in the film. The film insults the intellect and has nothing good whatsoever going on to interest the viewer. The film sucks, the characters terrible, and worst, some good talent chose to be in this film. Signing on to do a Pauly Shore film is the nail in the coffin to many up and coming actors. Just look at Stephen Baldwin, this film ended his career. Bio-Dome is the perfect example of a film that should've never been made in the first place. The film misses the mark on so many levels and can only be described as a really bad comedy and film overall. This film sucks. It's no wonder why Pauly Shore's career went downhill from here. There's only so much one can do, and his gimmick became old after two films. Avoid this film.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 26, 2011
    Read it at my blog or here on RT. watched at the request of Irukandji I have several films on a sticky note next to my computer that are my 'watch these next' films. Irukandji's suggestion put it on the list and the all powerful rules of the coin toss beat out other films like The Professional and The Elephant Man. Acting/characters: Let me start by saying that William Atherton plays the same friggin role that he does in every film that I have seen him in. Ghostbusters, Die Hard 1 and 2, and now Bio-Dome. yeah. Same role. Plus (and this just kills me) This is was the next major role for Stephen Baldwin after (are you ready for this? I wasn't) The Usual Suspects. He goes from playing McManus in The Usual Suspects to this. That makes me sad. The acting was overall over the top and more than a little stupid but that is what they were aiming for. Still, the characters got quite annoying by the end. Before that to be honest. Baldwin was so great in The Usual Suspects and he was so bad in this. From what I understand, this is the normal quality level for Pauly Shore. It was entertaining at first but overall weak. 2/10 Plot: More or less predictable. It was as over-the-top as the rest of the film. It started out okay but then it just got really really stupid. Plus, IT WAS PREACHY!!!! It wasn't as bad as some such as The Day After Tomorrow or The Happening, but it was still pretty bad. That always kills a film for me. It was a plot that fit what they were trying to go for. 2.5/10 Screenplay: You know, there were a couple lines in the beginning that I found myself laughing at. That was about it. It got boring and repetitive very fast and I found myself thinking "Okay, I get it, they're stupid people who say stupid things and when they try to be smart they're still stupid." It wasn't anything I particularly enjoyed by the end. It was stupid for the sake of being stupid and that only works for so long. Plus it was preachy. 1/10 Likableness: Pretty much what I said in the 'screenplay' section holds true for the overall likableness for the film: It's stupid for the sake of being stupid and it only works for so long. It was only 94 minutes long but I wish it had been shorter or that they had at least tried a few different things with it. Other than that, it was a good shutdown movie. It's the kind of film you watch with a bunch of buddies and laugh at. It succeeds in that very well. 3.5/10 Final Score: 9/40 22% (S) TRIVIA TIME: This film is one of the film credits of Patricia Hearst Granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst (whom the film Citizen Kane is loosley based off of), and daughter of Randolph Hearst. On February 4, 1974 she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and held captive for over two months in cramped studio apartment #6 at 1827 Golden Gate Avenue near the University of San Francisco. She changed her name to 'Tania' when she was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Symbionese Liberation Army and experienced Stockholm Syndrome. Her part in the armed robbery of the Hibernia Bank (now a Bank of America branch) took place at 1450 Noriega Street in San Francisco's Sunset District. She was finally arrested in San Francisco at 625 Morse Street, not far from the Cow Palace. Her defense attorney would be F. Lee Bailey who, by many accounts, lost the case because he permitted his client to take the stand. President Clinton gave her a presidential pardon as his last act in office. 2. Kylie Minogue called this film her "worst career move". She said that it is the only thing she has done in her professional life that her father ridicules her for.
    Lord N Super Reviewer

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