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½ May 5, 2010
The movie could never live up to the TRAILER.

This trailer is awesome. The video is edited perfectly to the music. Great trailer, mediocre movie.
April 4, 2008
[font=Arial Narrow][size=3]"Biohunter" is a typical virus scare movie that explores a journey two college professors take to identify the source of the Demon Virus. Komada and Koshigaya are the two protaginasts who've discovered the virus and provide a service to terminate ones affected by it with a serum of some sort, as displayed in the first scene of the movie. [/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Arial Narrow](Either this delays the progression or eliminates minor demonic possessions because Komada has contracted the virus aswell. This part of the movie puzzled me the most, even when I was halfway through with watching it. I still have no clue and am curious if I can find a copy of the manga to discover why.) [/font][font=Arial Narrow]Their plans change when Komada runs into and defends a girl (Sayaka Bokudoh) from a bunch of thugs. There seems to be a underlying plot between her grandfather, a well-known fortuneteller, and Seijuro Tabe, their boss. Revealing most of it would ruin the movie.[/font][/size]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=3]I kinda expected this to be slightly trippy. Being a animated thriller, it wasn't as fascinating as the rest but still was worth the watch. There is a far amount of gore, violence and nudity including some scenes of "sexual situations" but none too explicit where it shows anything below the belt. I recommend this as a movie for boredom and not a movie for first time entertainment ; it will not make you say "wow, that was good enough to watch 30 more times" unless you're into that kind of thing or are a fan of the creator's or the animation company's work. Please give this a try but don't give your hopes up if you expected this to be a extremely great movie about demons.[/size][/font]
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