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July 2, 2021
Serious as a poodle in a miniskirt sipping on an apple martini
November 27, 2019
Two hours of Birdman is 110 minutes too many.
April 30, 2019
I just couldn't get passed these depictions of women throughout the film... It made the movie unpleasant and frustrating.
August 28, 2018
If Iñárritu's Biutiful couldn't let up with the ugly horrors of life, this one can't pause to inject some actual humanity into the neuroses of the artist.
August 22, 2018
I did, indeed, hate Birdman in all kinds of expected ways, as stated above, I also despised it in ways that completely took me by surprise, and yes, this goes beyond the crashing cymbals in Antonio Sanchez's earache-inducing score.
December 2, 2017
I expected the films content to be as dynamic as the aesthetic, instead what I got was a film that contented itself with portraying a surface-level story of a man pining for glory and allowing others to define not only its form but its terms and conditins
November 14, 2017
For all its carping about the virtues of unfettered creativity, Birdman is little more than a rote confirmation of what middlebrow artists and prestige-charmed critics already believe.
February 22, 2016
Even when Keaton is transforming his character's stock issues into ones that feel unique and genuine, he's undercut by his director's flashiness, right up to an on-the-nose finale.
February 22, 2016
The film is, in the end, like a roller-coaster ride: it's dizzying and thrilling but you don't go anywhere. It's a series of such glittering but hollow exchanges between characters who always look and act like characters.
February 22, 2016
Birdman is desperate to be noticed, and if it throws up enough artistic flourishes, then perhaps you'll give the picture the respect it craves.
February 16, 2016
When high style meets dumb ideas it can be hard to tell which way is up.
October 8, 2015
But the film's running gag - narcissistic, insecure and attention-starved actors - eventually becomes woefully one-note.
June 10, 2015
Light as an anvil, Birdman is a sometimes dazzling, often infuriating act of gaseous virtuosity. I was never sure if I should applaud or roll my eyes. A lot of the time I was doing both.
January 8, 2015
Iñárritu's film isn't half as clever as it thinks it is.
January 4, 2015
Iñárritu serves up a truly fanciful production that is long on characterization but woefully short in the realities of the theatre.
January 2, 2015
Is Birdman an indictment of Hollywood for playing to the crowds? That would be odd coming from a movie stuffed with camera gimmicks, eye candy, dirty jokes and stunt casting.
January 2, 2015
A near-total fiasco from a filmmaker bent on impressing the world with his prodigious talent.
January 2, 2015
[Birdman] is audacious technically, and so meta it may well blow your mind, but it is also weird, maddening, wearing and exhausting.
January 2, 2015
A self-indulgent and generally tedious luvvie comedy where smug has been substituted for smart. It's a bit like those mediocre films pumped out by Woody Allen in the 90s.
December 24, 2014
An ambitious failure...
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