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½ June 21, 2007
Black and White in Color is a 1976 film by Jean-Jacques Annaud. It was his first full length film after a career of directing television commercials. The film is about a small group of French settlers on the Ivory Coast during World War I. They colonized the area and convert black people to Christianity and count them as French. There is also a small German settlement in the area with corresponding Germanization of some other black people. The film is roughly based on actual events of WWI. When the French outpost receives word of WWI breaking out back in Europe they feel that they must do the same in Africa, despite the fact that no one tells them to. With no orders they improvise a plan. The film is pretty hilarious in some parts. The dogma, egotism, and certainty of most of the characters that they are doing the right thing is quite laughable in much of the film. The editing and music are quite good and the character development is good too. The film won the Academy Award for best foreign language film in 1976. I think most people would like watching it.
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½ December 21, 2005
[font=Century Gothic]"Black and White in Color" takes place in 1915 at Fort Coulais in French Equatorial Africa.(Well, it is not really a fort, more like a ramshackle trading outpost in the middle of nowhere. The commander from the nearby German colony shops there.) It is so remote that the population is unaware that World War I has even begun until a package from the home country alerts them to the fact. And what's a bunch of French patriots supposed to do now that they are at war with Germany? A preemptive attack will do nicely...[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]"Black and White in Color" is an amusing satire about colonialism, patriotism and racism that continues to be relevant today. The movie is populated with broadly drawn characters. And the last line is nice, but a bit puzzling.[/font]
April 16, 2004
Directed by Jean-Jaques Annaud
Written by Annaud and Georges Conchon
[b]Genre[/b]: Drama/War
[b]MPAA[/b]: PG
[b]Runtime[/b]: 90 minutes
[b]Plot Summary[/b]: French colonists in Africa, several months behind in the news, find themselves at war with their German neighbors. Deciding that they must do their proper duty and fight the Germans, they promptly conscript the local native population. Issuing them boots and rifles, the French attempt to make "proper" soldiers out of the Africans. - IMDB

Winning the Oscar for best foreign film, [i]Black and White in Color[/i] is a dark comedic satire on the French occupancy of West Africa. Through colonization and imperialism, they Christianized the Africans and trained them to fight in the upcoming war with Germany - even though they all thought it would be with England. As a political film, it is rich in depth; as an entertaining film, it is pretty poor. The film gives you a few simple ideas and gives yuo reason to laugh at them. Which is fine, except that this problem isn't really a laughing matter. No country should try to Christianize or Americanize (oops) other countries in which they deemed "primitive." Who has the right to claim themselves better than another?

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