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Black Dynamite Quotes

  • Black Dynamite: The worse thing about these pushers getting these children addicted to this new smack is that these children are orphans, and orphans don't have parents.

  • Cream Corn: "I'm runnin' things. I'm runnin' tha-a-a-a-a-ngs"
    Cream Corn: I'm runnin' things. I'm runnin' tha-a-a-a-a-ngs.

  • Gunsmoke: "That ain't ego -- that's how we go."
    Gunsmoke: That ain't ego... that's how we go.

  • Black Dynamite: Do you see where Im coming from you JIVE MOTHAFUCKA!
    Black Dynamite: Do you see where I'm coming from you jive motherfucker!

  • Black Dynamite: I am declaring war, on anybody who sells drugs in our community
    Black Dynamite: I am declaring war, on anybody who sells drugs in our community.
    Chocolate Giddy-Up: But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs in the community!

  • Black Dynamite: Euphoria, shut the fuck up! I know that was you and I ain't even gotta look! I should send yo ass back to Crenshaw Pete wit his hot ass coat hangers bitch! Would you like that?!

  • Black Dynamite: awe hush little girls, alot of cats have that name
    Black Dynamite: Err, uhh, hush up little girls. A lot of cats have that name.

  • Black Dynamite: Haha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!

  • Black Dynamite: Why Black Dynamite, Why????
    Black Dynamite: Why Black Dynamite, why?

  • Bullhorn: Let everybody know and suckers be warned that this is the outcome when you mess with Bullhorn!

  • Cream Corn: I'm runnin' thangs, I'm runnin' tha-ee-a-ee-angs! Cream Corn, you know why they call me that? 'Cause I'm smooth.

  • Osiris: Pimpin' been around since the world started turning. And it's gonna keep right on turning right along with it. Until this little planet rotates off its axis as a result of it's core overheating and explodes into cosmic dust! Can you dig it?

  • Black Dynamite: Ain't nothin' in the world get Black Dynamite more mad than some jive ass sucka dealin' smack to the kids!

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