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September 27, 2016
The first of 2 movies Fred Williamson made with director and producer Jack Arnold, he stars as a private eye paid to look for a daughter. African American equivalent of a Philip Marlowe movie.
August 15, 2011
Nothing more then a blax Rockford Files that Im sure fans of Fred Williamson are expecting a little more. I know I was but it sorta makes sense because director Jack Arnold's work was mostly in television by this time. For blaxploitation & Williamson fans you might as well skip it. Sure The Hammer makes it watchable but you're not getting anything that made this genre special @ times. Really missed the mark shooting for a soft PG when there could have been a smoking hot sex scene between Williamson & Teresa (Get Christie Love! ) Cynthia. Instead it cuts away to a music montage of them playing football on the beach & riding a bicycle built for two. William's Stone sure as fuck is no Shaft
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