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Black Sheep Quotes

  • Experience: What's that noise?
    Henry Oldfield: Somebody's shearing.

  • Henry Oldfield: What are you doing in here?
    Angus Oldfield: You wouldn't understand.

  • Henry Oldfield: You fucker!
    Angus Oldfield: Actually it was a sperm sample.
    Henry Oldfield: You wanker!

  • Experience: What is wrong with you?
    Henry Oldfield: Ovinophobia, my therapist calls it.
    Experience: Well, what's that?
    Henry Oldfield: Just the completely unfounded and irrational fear that one day *this* is going to happen!

  • Tucker: What about the sheep?
    Henry Oldfield: Fuck the sheep!
    Tucker: No time for that bro. Go go go!

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