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½ March 15, 2009
Almost good, but not quite. Pretty poor acting, but decent music, and one of the more interesting body disposal methods I've seen in a while (not quite up there with the wood chipper from Fargo, but close). Basic plot is that things go horribly wrong after the guy in a couple kills a would-be robber with his own gun. I think more involvement from the police who investigate the killing of the robber would have helped to ratchet up the tension and move the story along a lot better.
October 13, 2008
I liked the concept of the movie, and while the actors wasn't the best and the editing could've been better, it was still an interesting movie never the less.
½ September 18, 2008
you never see it coming
September 15, 2008
A decent story about a couple's decent into madness with a few "Oh, come on!" moments. Pretty low production value, which I don't object to in and of itself, but it seemed to make the director and actors appear a bit lazy and amateurish, although Jennifer Marlowe did rise above it at times.
July 28, 2008
a watchable no-budget STV thriller
½ July 27, 2008
Now I'm not a harsh movie critic, but DAMNNN!

Just when you think this failure of a movie is about to end, they extend it for another good 30 minutes or so...

The girl couldn't act to save her life, and the guy...don't even get me started.

All in all, I don't really watch movies for acting or storyline for that matter, so I would have to say that you should watch the movie and judge for yourselves'.
½ July 26, 2008
This little film held my attention, but was largely due to the fact that the mole on Jennifer Marlowe's upper-lip kept switching from left to right.
½ July 24, 2008
A movie that shows human behaviours in situations that are out of place...extremely normal...& above all..out of control...highly recommended...
½ July 23, 2008
It felt rather slow at points, but it's a nice story and wasn't completely predictable.
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