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June 8, 2007
A hilarious movie with a totally under the rader cast.
½ June 8, 2007
This is a hillarious improv film.
June 7, 2007
Great comedy for paintballers and non-paintballers alike. Plus some of the guys from "Human Giant" are in it!

I was lucky to receive a Rob Cordry signed poster when I ordered it when it was released on DVD.
½ June 7, 2007
Pretty good movie, kind of boring in some of the movie.
½ June 5, 2007
Booyaka booyaka, I bring the paint to ya!
June 2, 2007
I was lucky enough to catch this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan. I loved it so much, I saw it twice, and I never do that at festivals.

This hilarious film stars Rob Corddry from The Daily Show. The film is about Bobby Dukes, a famous paintball star that was caught "wiping" during the championship match. After ten years, Dukes returns to the game, assembling a new team and hoping to gain back his title.

The mockumentary is well done, though the laughs don't come right away, when they show up they don't leave. The teammates are all hilarious, and the side characters add to the comedy. Though the games are fun to watch, the comedy comes from training for the games. When Bobby gets his team together you can't help but laugh. Each member has their own great qualities, especially Rob Riggle and Paul Scheer. Writing this review, it's been two days since I last saw it, and I still keep laughing at some of the jokes.

I really hope this movie makes it to theatres, I know people will check it out and love it. I saw the director after the film and he said he had a lot of great extra footage shot that he would love to include on the DVD, so I can't wait, I'll buy it first chance I get.

See the movie, spread the word.
May 29, 2007
So good. The entire movie was improved, and showcases many of the funniest comedians in the US
½ May 28, 2007
Rob Corddry is a realy funny dude.. overall this movie is only funny if you like paintball.. Worth the rental but dont expect too much from it. the extra scenes suck ass.
April 24, 2007
This looks so awesome.
½ April 23, 2007
interesting movie....
December 22, 2006
Jill Watson: "Sam loves me, and Sam has always loved me, and you know that Sam was never actually dating me, but he remained celibate the entire time that we weren't together? He would write me notes that I wouldn't respond to because I was dedicated to Bobby, that would just say "I'm not fucking anyone... but you in my head". And I thought, after a while, how can I reject that?"

I had hopes this could be a classic mockumentary, and there are flashes of brilliance where the movie actually delivers on its potential. They mostly belong to Rob Heubel, as Dukes' rival Sam Brown. He is actually a riot. It's a performance (and character) that the rest of the flick can't live up to. Ed Helms has a funny little cameo as well. Even as someone who likes paintballing, this was fairly disappointing. Not near as funny as it could have, or should have been.
October 6, 2006
I really hate the give this movie such a tough time. I like the main guy. I did laugh a little, but mostly I just let it run while I did chores and checked in on it occasionally. Its shot cheap and the main guy is from the Dailey Show. Gondry or something is his name. I owe an apology for not knowing and he is actually pretty likable. Everyone else is sort of flat and I think they tried to film this like the Christopher Guest movies like Best in Show, Mighty Wind et al with lots of unscripted scenes.

One really scary thing about this movie is it runs forever. Way too long for a comedy and even longer for a mediocre comedy. If you've got money to burn, rent this movie and let it play in the background while you do stuff around the house. You'll get a lot done.
½ September 10, 2006
If you like paintball, watch this.
½ September 8, 2006
Probably one of the better independent comedies of the last few years, this movie starts off a little iffy, but ater the plot gets going, and the characters are introduced, it truly shines through with vulgar hilarity.
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