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February 10, 2014
Some fun moments. It is fun watching Keaton's obliviousness become self-destructive.
½ August 1, 2013
It was interesting. A lot of slap stick humor.
½ November 11, 2012
Simple, just the way it ought to be.
½ February 22, 2012
Keaton makes a rather genius device that allows a horses saddle to be more shock absorbent. A treat for the funny bone like all Keaton films.
½ February 6, 2012
While Buster once referred to The Blacksmith as 'The Dud', this film offers its share of amusement. One of the most memorable of these scenes demonstrates Buster's love of animals as he takes good care of his animal customer.
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½ January 3, 2012
While Buster called this "the dud" it is a great and equally heartwarming 21 minute short that is co-directed by Malcolm St. Clair. It features Joe Roberts as the blacksmith and Virginia Fox as a snobby Horse rider who along with a couple others all seek revenge against Buster who has ruined whatever service he was to provide and wrecking the blacksmith's business. The film has both heart (Buster putting the fancy horseshoes on the white stallion and treating him like store owners would treat high end customers) and gags that are both destructive (Buster unknowingly destroys a Rolls Royce that in real life his in-laws had given him) and also more cartoon-like gags such as the full spin and the hat flipping up and back down on Buster's head showing his surprise reactions. The film to me is a perfect embodiment of all of Buster's skills and his affinity for animals and wonderful ideas that he so beautifully captures on capture and acts out with his films!
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November 1, 2011
Buster's character is unusually stupid in this film, and that aspect turned me off. He should be resourceful! Also, the ridiculous "shock absorber" gag with the horse just isn't funny. Enjoy the clever magnet sequence -- otherwise, this one is mostly weak slapstick.
September 19, 2011
The Blacksmith is another fabulous Buster Keaton short film as it had to be: hilarious, romantic and touching. The scenes with the white horse are beautiful and the moment when he destroys two broken down cars is really funny. Highly recommendable.
September 8, 2011
Buster destroys a white Rolls-Royce, a Model T, the coat of a white horse, and enrages more than a few people (including his boss, the burly Keaton foil Joe Roberts), in this late stage two-reeler. He gets the girl in the end, and as always, it's well earned, and a bit out of left field.
September 15, 2010
More Buster Keaton style fun!
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½ September 3, 2010
Funny for the most part, but predictable. Overall, it's a so-so movie.
½ March 3, 2010
Definitely a slight Buster Keaton short where he's a blacksmith and stuff goes wrong whereby other people's things that are white (horse, car), get dirty or destroyed - hilarity sometimes ensues..
October 8, 2006
The Blacksmith is an excellent comedy short film, starring and directed by Buster Keaton. (Co-directed by Malcolm St Clair). Some great comic scenes, excellent, but not one of the best of keaton's short films.
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