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September 17, 2019
Blade Runner 2049 was totally not what I expected. Yes, bits of it are dumb. But bits of it are very good, and some bits of it are positively awesome.
September 16, 2019
The fact this story is so ridiculously nourishing while still leaving me pondering some really big questions will remain one of cinemas great mysteries.
September 2, 2019
Blade Runner 2049 is a visual masterpiece, but a drudging descent for the sci-fi genre.
August 30, 2019
A masterpiece pure and simple, Blade Runner 2049 does not disappoint and will keep hardcore fans and newcomers alike equally happy with what they're seeing.
August 22, 2019
The slow, deliberate, and well thought out, spending most of its time on drawing questions out of the audience than making an action-filled juggernaut. [February 1, 2018]
August 19, 2019
BLADE RUNNER 2049 certainly looks the part but beyond the surface it is nothing more than a pale replicant of the real thing.
August 8, 2019
Its aesthetic is so outstanding that you can spend 160 minutes nailed to the chair. [Full Review in Spanish]
August 5, 2019
To call Blade Runner 2049 a satisfying experience would be an understatement.
July 26, 2019
A film that is thematically complex and visually astounding.
July 21, 2019
Is Blade Runner 2049 a masterpiece like its predecessor? Definitely not. It's not even a match for 2016's superb Arrival, the previous film from director Denis Villeneuve. Yet on its own terms, it's a dazzling achievement.
July 20, 2019
By syncing so many moving parts into a seamless, spellbinding whole, Blade Runner 2049 is both heady speculative fiction and action thriller at its finest.
June 25, 2019
All told, this feels like the best-case scenario for a sequel three-plus decades in the making: it is a glorious visual evolution of its predecessor that retains only the tones and themes it needs.
June 6, 2019
It does the unthinkable: takes one of the most popular cult films of all time and actually makes a sequel worthy of its name.
June 4, 2019
Villeneuve wisely takes the themes of Scott's Blade Runner and explores them from a new angle, while maintaining fidelity to the world built by its now classic predecessor.
June 3, 2019
A beautiful science fiction epic that doesn't necessarily play like a sequel. A technical masterpiece. [Full review in Spanish].
May 22, 2019
Blade Runner 2049 works without the original film. It cultivates mood and atmosphere well. But the original Blade Runner remains in the margins, explicit and implicit, drawing focus.
April 30, 2019
One of the most amazing things about Blade Runner 2049 is that is manages to capture the spirit and style of the original, while also feeling completely new.
April 26, 2019
The cinematic delights, the abundant literary and film references, thoughtful social commentary and fine acting performances in BLADE RUNNER 2049 will be enough to satisfy many audiences.
April 16, 2019
I want to live inside Blade Runner 2049.
March 18, 2019
Thirty-five years was not too long to wait for a sequel of this calibre.
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