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½ August 15, 2015
150815: Based upon a true story, Blaze is a brief glimpse into the overlapping lives of two unique people, one a politician and one an adult entertainer. It's a love story, comedy and political satire all set in the racially charged late 50s. Well worth watching once, and can see myself coming back to it again. Newman is fantastic as Earl Long.
½ April 16, 2015
Ok little story but Newman's Long is just over the top goodness.....
July 15, 2014
Strange true story. Well done and unbelievable
½ November 13, 2012
Not one of my favourite Newman films. Pretty forgettable.
August 27, 2012
Despite the title and an aggressively charming performance from Lolita Davidovich, Paul Newman rules the movie with a showy role that wrestle for control of the film from it's titular character. The movie seems to shortchange it's focus on Blaze Starr right from the outset, with only a cursory look at her decision to jump into the world of burlesque, although with a very amusing sequence with Robert Wuhl, before it quickly introduces Newman's Earl Long into the picture. The movie unfolds as a 60s American political fable with low-key charm and humor. Its episodic nature lacks a real sense of drive or drama to keep you fully engaged with the film. The movie is never more focused and cohesive beyond the section on Long wrestling with the hospital system, both in getting jobs for the blacks in the system and later when he is actually incarcerated in one briefly. The material for the movie could have made for a really entertaining Earl Long film or an equally interesting Starr film with a really solid performance from Davidovich, but the movie we have here seems a disappointing compromise of the two possible films. Of interest to fans of either lead actors, but not really a film to search out otherwise.
July 16, 2012
AKA Sleeping With The Director. Davidovich demonstrated nightly to her director/husband why she should play the New Orleans stripper. Of course, she didn't have to talk then.
July 25, 2011
Ron Shelton, best known for his sports comedies like 'Bull Durham', 'Tin Cup' and 'White Men Can't Jump' switches gears with this colorful, outrageous, and ultimately poignant story of a most unlikely romance, loosely based on the exploits of legendary Louisiana Governor Earl Kemp Long and his relationship with beautiful burlesque queen Blaze Starr. Although busty and perky Lolita Davidovich shines in the title role, this film is really Newman's - his Earl Long is a Rabelaisian force of nature, a tireless and unapologetic campaigner and a shrewd politician - the type of man who, after failing in bed, apologizes 'for the Great State of Louisiana'. Shelton does a fine job recreating the steamy and flavorful essense of a Deep South on the cusp of the tremendous upheavals brought on by the burgeoning civil-rights movement. The liberties the film takes with the facts can be forgiven as serving the greater good - exaggeration and big-fish tales seem perfectly appropriate to the subject.
½ February 7, 2011
A good movie, depicting a ugly side of politics.
½ January 3, 2011
The following will sound like a bunch of cliches strung together, but this really is a smart, sexy and funny movie. And for some reason overlooked and under appreciated. Everybody shines here, Newman, Davidovich, even the ever annoying Robert Wuhl.
½ October 19, 2010
This is a different role for Paul Newman, he has a lot of fun with it. This is an entertaining movie that has a good mix of comedy/politics. Newman really stands out from the rest of the cast in this film.
April 19, 2010
Fairly amusing romance May-December romance, played with considerable charm by Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich.
½ January 16, 2010
Paul Newman .. Politic's ... And A Stripper... Need I Say More...
December 23, 2009
El director Paul Shelton ("Bull Durham") pasa del sexo y el beisbol al sexo y la politica al contranos la historia del gobernador de Louisiana Earl Long, interpretado por un Paul Newman que redefine los conceptos de "viejo verde" y "politico corrupto". Lolita Davidovich inunda la pantalla con su voluptuosidad, interpretando a la bailarina exotica Blaze Starr, robandose el show.
May 1, 2009
A couple of friends of mine and I went to see this movie on New Years Eve 1989 at the original movie theaters outside of Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City. They were new then but are dollar theaters now that they built the new stadium seating theaters. It's a good movie. They played fast and loose with the historical facts such as they left out Earl Long's wife. The character wouldn't have been very sympathetic if we saw that he was cheating on his wife. The story is less about Blaze Starr than it is about the last two years of Earl Long's life. Although Lolita Davidovich is hot and she does have some topless scenes, you see very little of Blaze Starr's stage act. She's probably not as well endowed as the real Blaze Starr. This is really the story of the last days of old style American politics in the early years of television politics. There was a time when politicians were colorful and mudslinging was acceptable. Before television there was little entertainment in rural America. Going to listen to a political speech or debate was entertaining. Politicians brought plenty of free food and drinks to a political rally along with bands and other entertainment to draw in the crowds. Today politicians have to have a good TV presence and be politically correct in their speech. Gailard Sartain from Tulsa is in this movie as one of Earl Longs advisors. The best line in the movie is "It may not fly but it will surely flap its wings."
February 24, 2009
November 16, 2008
This film was OK. I only went to see it because I wanted to see Lolita Davidovich strip.
½ September 28, 2008
paul was a great man. he will be missed
½ August 22, 2008
This was just cute â?? a non-traditional love story to say the least. That's right, baby, leave your boots on...
July 16, 2008
This was such a sweet movie.
July 15, 2008
This movie is f'd up. And it's a true story.:). Anyways it's pretty good considering it was the 80's.
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