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May 4, 2013
This is movie is quite enjoyable. Its about these three men who meet, and fight together. Eventually one leaves the group to become General. After time passed he becomes General and becomes evil with power as general. The General get obessesed with power and is paranoid his brothers are plotting against him, and the battle begins!
½ February 24, 2013
Between a 6/10 and 7/10, "Blood Brothers" is a different breed of Shaw Brothers movie making. While definitely giving viewers some action to satisfy the lust for great martial arts, Chang Cheh does seem genuinely concerned about the story, which makes for a refreshing change of pace.
½ October 31, 2012

The stunt guys do alot of death dancing and roll down hills, when they don't need to.
½ September 28, 2012
Sweet, I emailed them and they fixed the page. I saw this over the weekend and it really does separate itself from the pack as one of the best of the classic style of Shaw Brothers kung fu movies. Chang Cheh makes one of his best looking and paced films. Tang Chia and Liu Chia-Liang do the action choreography. David Chiang and Ti Lung give award-winning performances. I think it's a story that's been remade a couple times, but it's a strong one.
October 12, 2011
The plot of this martial arts film is familiar with Tai Chi Master and The Warlords. It's about three god-brothers, two thieves who team up with a soldier. They become friends, but the relationships turn sour and they turn on each other. Decent sword fighting around, even though nothing too good to really stand out.
April 24, 2008
Classic Zhang Che movie. One of my favorites.
½ March 24, 2008
This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.
March 7, 2008
So campy, I just wanted to die ...
½ September 26, 2007
not bad...but shuqi is not looking as good as i remembered...sigh
August 17, 2007
I went to see this at the sunderland empire which is a theatre && it was absolutley brilliant!!
½ August 8, 2007
its an awsome play?!?! its not afilm?!
May 8, 2007
the play was better than the movie but its still awesome.
May 4, 2007
really good movie, a classic
March 12, 2007
Thorougly recommended.
December 15, 2006
I LOVE I TLMAO =]=]=]=]=]=]
December 6, 2006
I haven't seen this but i've been told the story, read it, have the CD and know all the songs off by heart!
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