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Al Adamson, shameless purveyor of countless horror anti-classics, juggles around most of the footage from his 1965 clunker Psycho-A-Go-Go after dressing up and re-releasing it on no less than three prior occasions (under a wide assortment of titles -- see below) with a few incomprehensible subplots added to further confuse audiences into thinking they were watching something else. The initial premise involves an insane Vietnam veteran being fitted with a brain implant by mad medic John Carradine (a regular Adamson player by this point) and used as a remote-control zombie by a cabal of jewel thieves. Their pet maniac subsequently blows a gasket, breaks his programming and turns on his controllers, strangles some dancing girls, then gets his revenge on Carradine. Enter gratuitous subplot #1 as the electro-fiend heads straight for Lake Tahoe (can you blame him?), where his rampage continues until he is eventually killed by the cops. Splice in gratuitous subplot #2: The late psycho's embittered pop is also a monster-making mad scientist, who avenges his son's death by mutilating Carradine's buxom daughter. None of the aforementioned plot combinations can disguise Adamson's trademark style -- i.e. cheap gore, cardboard sets, hideous acting, and so on. Viewers who manage to make sense of this piecework monstrosity should switch off their VCRs and seek immediate professional help. Sundry title variations include The Man with the Synthetic Brain, The Fiend with the Atomic Brain, The Fiend with the Electronic Brain, The Fiend with the Synthetic Brain... you should begin to notice a vague pattern here.
PG (adult situations/language, nudity)
Classics , Horror
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Has the distinction of being one of the rare films that I just couldn't be bothered to sit all the way through....and I usually enjoy bad films. This one was so badly pieced together and convoluted that it was unwatchable. Half a star for the couple of chuckles like the bad guys knocking people out with a painfully weak karate chop to the neck and peoples eyes going cross as they get strangled,

Robert C
Robert C

Super Reviewer

Absolutely ghastly, not very bloody, but bloody incoherent, "Blood of Ghastly Horror" is a bloody mess of a movie. It's more like two or three different movies haphazardly spliced together into a barely-watchable mess that delivers far more continuity malfunction than horror. Al Adamson was a notoriously bad director; Ed Wood was brilliant in comparison. In this case, he'd originally made a crime flick about a jewel heist that nobody would distribute, so he shot additional scenes and edited them in to make a horror movie about a man with an artificial brain. When that didn't work, he shot some more scenes and edited them in to make a movie about a jewel heist carried out by a psychotic veteran with an artificial brain and the veteran's father who seeks revenge for his son's death by turning two people into zombies. The result is bloody ghastly, choppy, inchoate gibberish created over a period of nearly eight years involving two mad scientists and no talent at all. The acting is awful and clothing styles and cars change over the course of the flick. There's a scene early on wherein jewel thieves are on the roof of a building fighting with the police, then they run back inside... and go up several more flights of stairs, only to appear in a van in the next scene. Wow. It just goes on like that. John Carradine is the first mad scientist (David Carradine does *not* appear) who had tried to save the life of Roy Corey, who took shrapnel in the head in Vietnam. He does something involving a brain implant and electricity, which leaves Corey psychotic, and Corey kills Dr. Vanard while also pulling of robberies. Then Vanard's daughter shows up, and Corey's father kidnaps her to turn her into a zombie to accompany Akro, the zombie he already has. Akro isn't panning out for some reason, though. So... ummm... yeah... the police pursuit and death of the young Corey is shown in flashback in some parts of the film, even though it's clearly not a flashback at the beginning... and... errrr... a guy's kid has somehow gotten the jewels that landed by coincidence in the back of his truck and there's a shootout in the mountains... and then... something... flashback... things... ummmm... closing credits. MST3K fodder, sure. If you're going to watch this one (no reason to do so, but who knows...), make sure to drink heavily. Maybe it makes more sense if you don't remember it the next day!

Brian Seitzman
Brian Seitzman

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