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Is a deranged clown who likes to sing "Goodnight Ladies" responsible for a string of grisly murders? Jill (Cari Salochek) comes back to her rural hometown after her first year at college to discover she's not especially popular anymore -- her father runs the local bank and has been forced to foreclose on a number of farms after a year of bad crops. Jill also learns that her parents have mysteriously disappeared, though her former boyfriend Gary (Ed Bevin) is still living in town and goes out of his way to make her feel welcome. Jill is happy to see Gary, though his mood dims a bit when he finds she has a new beau, wealthy BMOC Scott (Peter Krause). Jill's biggest worry beyond finding her parents is Gary's eccentric older brother, a would-be circus clown who calls himself Marvelous Mervo (Tiny Tim) and wanders about in makeup carrying a ukulele and singing Tin Pan Alley songs when he isn't barging in on Jill. When dead bodies begin turning up around town, the police are convinced they have a serial killer on their hands, and Jill has reason to believe she'll be one of his next victims. Can Gary protect her from the menace, and does Mervo know something about the crimes? Shot under the title Nightmare by the auteur who gave us Monster A Go-Go and The Giant Spider Invasion, Blood Harvest featured famed one-hit-wonder Tiny Tim in his only dramatic role, as well as the first screen appearance from character actor Peter Krause.
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This movie really isn't very good. The four stars are mainly for Tiny Tim's role as Marvelous Mervo. As strange as his character is, Tiny actually does an excellent job acting in this role. Though he somewhat plays himself, even opening the film with his trademark ukulele, singing "Gary and Jill" (a variation on "Jack and Jill"), he is comfortable on camera and is convincing as Mervo the clown. It seems strange that this movie even exists, but I'm definitely glad it does. It's a shame Tiny Tim didn't star in any other movies. The song during the end credits sung by Marvelous Mervo is even cause to watch this movie all the way to the last credit.

Scott Deady
Scott Deady

Now here's an....interesting film. In Blood Harvest, it sucks to be friends with Jill (played by first time actress Itonia Salchek, in her only role "surprisingly"). While away at college, Jill's banker father has been foreclosing on a lot of the townsfolk's' farms. As a result, Jill's parents have vanished without a trace upon her arrival home. Jill is immediately greeted with threats and vandalism, but also with love and friendship by long-time friend Gary (Dean West) and his older, retard brother Marvelous Mervo (played by Tiny Tim...don't worry, I'll get to him in a sec). Genuinely concerned about her parents' disappearance, everyone tries to console Jill, but soon, people start dying at the hands of an unknown killer who hangs them up and slasher their throats. It's painfully obvious who the killer is, even though the film tries its damnedest to tell you otherwise. For those of you unfamiliar with Tiny Tim, he was a 60's folk singer that sang oddball songs with his trusty ukulele. Looking like a cross between Steve Coogan and Weird Al, splashed with 100% bizarre, Tiny Tim dones clown make-up and overalls throughout nearly the entire movie, walking about singing and scaring Jill every so often, adding sheer weirdness to this rare 80's flick. Future TV star Peter Krause (who I'm sure wishes nobody remembers him from this film) has a small role as Jill's fiance. Speaking of Jill, one of the brighter moments of this film is her constant nudity. Lots of titties, bush, and ass on her behalf, which was nice. Other than that, this movie is just plain odd. I honestly think you gotta see it to believe it.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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