Blood - The Last Vampire Reviews

July 14, 2009
This 48-minute Japanese animated film earned accolades back in 2000 for being ground-breaking in its technique...but once you get past that small achievement, Blood: The Last Vampire is mediocre at best...
June 11, 2009
Comes across as a prologue teaser for a yet-to-be-established franchise.
December 6, 2005
July 5, 2005
March 26, 2004
October 15, 2003
June 19, 2003
December 8, 2002
October 25, 2001
A moody, mysterious fright film with a painterly beauty.
October 25, 2001
Another example of animation that shows just how deep something as seemingly superficial as a cartoon can get.
September 29, 2001 the wake of an astounding battle scene that literally sweeps the breath out of its viewers, the end credits begin to roll, and we're left wondering, 'that's it?'
September 20, 2001
Blood: The Last Vampire, which clocks in at under 60 minutes, is not only watchable, it's not half bad.
August 22, 2001
The story ... is the sort of convoluted and often incoherent mess that is typical of the genre no doubt, rabid anime fans are better equipped to decipher its intricacies
August 17, 2001
Is much more effective at evoking a paranoid mood than at telling a coherent story, and the jerky action sequences are among the film's weaker visual elements.
August 16, 2001
A wickedly bitter animated pill, you'd better leave the kids with a sitter.
August 16, 2001
Feels like a pilot episode for the most expensive made-for-cable cartoon ever produced, and if you expect quantity (or closure) for your $8 ticket, you may feel shorted.
August 14, 2001
With its dour insularity and clingy fidelity to realism, this overhyped slashfest fails to rise above the extravagant pointlessness that plagues inferior anime.