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February 4, 2011
This comes off as a Jaws ripoff, but yet it's done so well although I had a problem with nearly at the end of the film. Nevertheless, I found Blood Tide plausible.
½ April 1, 2010
So extremely boring...could barely get through it at all.
½ February 4, 2010
A wonderful scenery of the Gree$k Islands, a rather bizzar story of ancient monsters and a scarafice of human life. Death of ancient ritual & anthropology of historic places.
October 17, 2009
I would say that any movie with James Earl Jones in it can't be that bad... however, this one comes pretty dang close.

A stiff jointed rubber monster suit, liberal use of red dye, and a Proto-Hasselhoff type actor all combine to present us with a rather mundane, and mediocre monster movie.
June 3, 2009
Blood Tide is the 1982 deep water monster movie about a couple, Martin Kove (who has gone on to do a slew of B-movies) and Mary Louise Weller going on a trip to a tropical villa in Greece in order to find Kove's sister who has managed to become a little weird whilst staying there along with her friends, one in particularly being the great James Earl Jones, who is badly represented in the picture as how he looks today, when actually, he is very young and small in this film, but still commands a great deal of presence and attention in this film as an Othello-quoting adventurer searching for treasure in the depths of the ocean but instead frees a hideous monster that starts eating some of the leads and residents. The story is engaging as are some of the actors, but the monster is little seen, which is probably for a reason, as the effects are laughable. The film also seems like it's trying to just hurry up and finish by the last part. Aside from Jones, legendary actor José Ferrer also has a part as one of the townsmen who knows a little more than he's letting up. This film is also co-produced by future B-movie director Brian Trenchard-Smith (Night of the Demons 2, Leprechaun 3), co-written by Nico Mastorakis (The Wind, Bloodstone, and co-written/directed by Richard Jeffries (Scarecrows, Cold Creek Manor, Organizm). Not too terribly bad of a film, but also could have been much better.
½ May 16, 2009
Ett mästerverk. Eller inte. En Hajen-inspirerad skitfilm om nåt sorts mystiskt havsodjur som vill sluka jungfrur. Fullständigt omöjligt att hålla sig vaken!
April 23, 2009
Low budget horror movie with any otherwise good cast. Seems to be a mixture of Jaws (with a sea monster) and traces of HP Lovecraft. Could have been so much better.
March 7, 2009
Nogenlunde genenmført, godt skuespil, klassisk historie. Nok en af de bedre søuhyrefilm
½ January 24, 2009
I loved the underwater monster point of view shots in this flick. Too bad Richard Jefferies (Cold Creek Manor ) decided to rip off a few scenes from Jaws. I hated that. On the plus side, James Earl Jones does squeeze into a scuba suit. With the respirator he sounds a lot like Darth Vader.
½ January 24, 2009
Pretty lame shit. It started off all H.P. Lovecraftian and went nowhere fast.
½ December 3, 2008
Decent cast, pretty Greek locale, cool-looking monster, hot babes with big perms... Call me shallow or a sucker for schlocky '80s creature features, but this is a guilty pleasure. The poor sound quality makes it hard to hear every line of dialogue, but it might be more watchable that way. Not enough virgin sacrifices though, and would have been better if James Earl Jones and the sea creature were onscreen more. Thought it was funny (in a weird sort of way) when Neil and his spacey sister started making out. This flick is a bargain at less than a buck.
September 22, 2008
Some interesting ideas, but a really bad monster costume and some poor acting in some of the roles.
July 19, 2008
It's hard to believe that two Oscar winning actors, one Oscar nominee made a film so lacking in quality and suspense. Former Miss USA Deborah Shelton outperforms the pro's in the film and is one of the few bright spots in the movie.
July 17, 2008
Surprisingly atmospheric cheapie, with unexpected moments of intelligence, and a good cast. Above average for this genre, but not for gore/effects fans.
½ May 20, 2008
Somewhat entertaining sea monster flick is bolstered with a good cast (including James Earl Jones!), but ultimately falls short of anything. The beginning of the film has good build-up with a lot of weird goings-on but there is never a payoff. Even in films like this you can usually salvage something by saying ??at least the monster looked cool.?? Although this aquatic beast did look cool, you don??t get to see it for more than three seconds in an underwater shot and you have to pause the movie to get a real good look. This is a borderline two-star film and if they??d shown more of that monster, it could have made it.
May 9, 2008
[color=wheat]American newly-weds (Kove and Weller) looking for a lost relative find themselves trapped on an island where a treasure hunter (Jones) has released an ancient monster that is demanding virgin sacrifices.[/color]
[color=wheat]I think I know how "Blood Tide" was sold to its backers, and I think it must have been sold on a story outline alone.[/color]
[color=wheat]The high concept pitch probably went something like this: "It's modern-day, but one of those monsters that the heroes were fighting all those Italian sword-and-sandal films has awakened and its once again demanding virgin blood. The main characters will have to become like Hercules and defeat this ancient menace or end up as sacrifices themselves."[/color]
[color=wheat]If I were looking to make a cheap horror movie using a Greek island as the backdrop, I would have invested in that movie. Heck, I'd love to SEE that movie, so it's too bad that "Blood Tide" could have been the movie described above, but isn't.[/color]
[color=wheat]"Blood Tide" has slivers of the modern-day monster/fantasy movie described above, but it barely teases the viewers with its potential. It's a suspense film without any suspense; it is one of the most boring movies I've ever dozed off during. It is a monser movie without a monster; it's presence is barely felt, and the human monster that SHOULD be in the film--the guy who because of his greed is letting the horror happen--is ultimately too wishy-washy a character to inspire anything but a yawn from viewers. It's a film that's shot adequately and that features a decent cast that all do admirably in their parts, but they are working with a script so bad there was nothing they could do to save this movie.[/color]
[color=wheat]There is really no reason for anyone to waste their time on "Blood Tide" unless it's being used as a cure for insomnia.[/color]
[color=wheat]Blood Tide[/color]
[color=wheat]Starring: Martin Kove, Mary Louise Weller, James Eearl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Lydia Cornell, and Lila Kedrova[/color]
[color=wheat]Director: Richard Jeffries[/color]
½ January 20, 2008
this is the worst movie i have ever seen. there is not one redeeming quality about it. it was a complete waste of time. the best part was the end, when james earl jones said "its over" and we both breathed a sigh of relief.
January 19, 2008
I bought this movie at the dollar tree when I was 12. I started watching it and in the first five minutes there was a girl naked! Stupid movie!
December 30, 2007
Not the most interesting flick! Under budget, terible special effects, but great sceneray and a young jones...
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