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August 7, 2013
This movie isn't worthy of the film it was originally captured on. It is so full of cr@p I couldn't finish watching it. Supposedly a psycho killer is captured & given the Gas Chamber in the state of California (Where they haven't even killed Manson yet). LOL! He is pronounced dead by the prison doctor, but then revived by another doctor even after having his lungs destroyed by poison gas. He is then subjected to the best CIA type of brainwashing & taught a new identity. Of course the brainwashing doesn't take & he escapes to exact revenge upon the jurors who where involved with his guilty sentence. Just silly, stupid, nonsense!!! Anyone involved with the production of this story & film should be ashamed of themselves. It was so poorly done & unbelievable that I was shocked that it was even produced, let alone released.
October 5, 2009
Serial killer is brought back to life from the gas chamber to hunt down all involved in his conviction and sentence in this far-fetched story. Mostly a derivative of other serial killer films; clearly Director Mark Lester's best days are past.
January 21, 2009
Nothing special...good
May 10, 2008
Par le realisateur de COMMANDO nous vient un fable anti-militariste en forme de film de kung-fu invasion spatial. Les acteurs sont bons et ca m'a inspire a tourner LE DERNIER BATAILLON. Film de guerre triste et puissant.
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