Jan 9, 2018
Now a sequel has arrived, Blues Brothers 2000, offering more of the same. And less.
Jun 7, 2016
If viewed at this late date, it provides mostly nostalgia for the pairing of the lovable soulmates.
Sep 28, 2012
It goes without saying that Blues Brothers 2000 doesn't carry the original's significance and R-rated personality, yet select treats remain, while the soundtrack wails triumphantly.
Sep 7, 2011
May 18, 2008
The sequel offers more of the same, only less.
May 18, 2008
Endless scenes of pointless buffoonery and crashing cars.
May 18, 2008
There must be a niche audience for this travesty -- probably among teenagers whose hearing and mental faculties are impaired.
Jun 24, 2006
This isn't a sequel, it's a remake.
Dec 12, 2005
Another time, another planet.
Dec 6, 2005
Buy the soundtrack and rent the one with Belushi.
Jul 17, 2005
Apr 3, 2005
Easily one of the most worthless, shameless, and unnecessary sequels ever concocted. Not even the music can save it.
Apr 21, 2004
Landis apparently lost almost any trace of inspiration or creativity.
Mar 12, 2004
Feb 22, 2004
Jul 22, 2003
The greatest car crash ever, but not a funny movie.
Apr 30, 2003
Not bad. Too bad it's not good, either.
Feb 28, 2003
Feb 8, 2003
Virtually worthless without the music. But the music's so good, it doesn't matter.