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This lurid, shot-on-video splatter epic centers on a suburban home with a gory past, purchased by a swinging psychic hedonist with a fascination for the occult who immediately turns the place into a decadent all-girl boarding house. No sooner do his nubile tenants begin stripping down for the pool, shower, or bed before a black-clad interloper begins chopping, stabbing, gouging and sawing them to bits. With a budget approaching the 3-digit mark, this sex and gore fiesta is nonetheless enthusiastic in its desire to throw an amazing amount of stage blood and sheep intestines at the viewer, and features an amusing, William Castle-type gimmick effect (described in an appropriately spooky intro voiceover as "Horrorvision") which flashes multicolored lights whenever a gory scene is about to take place.
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Okay, according to all the behind the scenes stuff on the OOP Code Red DVD release, this was shot as a parody, then the company handling the release decided that it was a serious horror film, which goes a long way towards explaining what I just watched, which was largely confusing and weird. Now don't get me wrong, there's a certain earnest charm to the idea of this new age-y weirdo landlord hanging around with a bunch of nubile tenants by his pool all day, but it does get pretty silly and confusing at times. Worth a look with beer and friends.

Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant

Good soundtrack. A couple of good gore scenes. Otherwise . . . well, I was ready to give this a 1 1/2 for trying but then watched the extra features and they admitted that they were not trying and were actually making it to "make fun" of genre movies. So they are not just bad actors but pompous as well.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph

Imagine if you will watching a relative's home movies from the the early 80's. Now add blood and cheesy gore. Then boobs. And there ya go. A shot on VHS (maybe 3/4") home movie that gets points for originality and a less than subtle mimicry of John Carpenter's early music (albeit well done) but that's it. And stupid me bought it because I couldn't see it any other way. Any offers?

A.D. Villarreal
A.D. Villarreal

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