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Bob the Builder - Snowed Under: Bogglesberg Winter Games Reviews

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½ October 16, 2017
I?m Rating this 1 and a half out of 5 Stars because the IMDb score of this is 4.9/10
September 2, 2017
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0% Bob the Builder: Snowed Under
January 26, 2016
Meet Bob the Builder and his machine team.

A huge storm hits Bob the Builder's town which threatens to ruin the Winter Games. All of the town's snow removal equipment is snowed under and they are unable to remove the snow. Bob and his friends get together and try to dig out the neighborhood in a timely fashion.

"That's what I'm going to call you...Big Banana!"

Sarah Ball (from the television series Bob the Builder) and Jocelyn Stevenson collaborate to deliver Bob the Builder: Showed Under. The storyline for this picture felt like a made from television movie rather than a movie special. The animation was on par with the television series.

"What's room service?"

I came across this on Netflix and had to watch it after the huge snowstorm that just hit the East coast that my daughter and I are experiencing together. The movie was just okay and nothing special. I would only watch this if nothing better is available.

"Unreal banana peel."

Grade: C+
October 14, 2012
Now the best Bob The Builder adventure of all time. This was so much fun. GRADE:A+
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