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½ March 6, 2016
I enjoy watching this film. Wish it would be restored and released in the US on DVD at least.
½ June 26, 2015
good vehicle 4 Sellers!
½ December 26, 2013
It's a lesser Sellers, but it's likable enough. That Sellers was ever married to Britt Ekland is amazing to me.
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½ December 29, 2011
"Once you've seen one blue singing matador, you've seen them all."

Well-written con job with surprising conclusion as Peter Sellers attempts to ingratiate himself to man-eating gold-digger Britt Ekland in order to secure an engagement as a singer at the most popular music hall in Barcelona. What nationality didn't that man take on?? His physical skills are kept to a minimum but that allows his deftly wry timing and mannerisms to shine more, and Ekland is great as a petulant, coquettish tease. (One look into those Swedish eyeballs and no wonder he married her in real life.)
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½ November 12, 2011
Peter Sellers' parade of bumbling, accented caricatures showed signs of fatigue with this second-rate comedy. Sellers is Juan Bautista, a failed matador who wants to try a new career as a singer. He pleads with a Barcelona club owner (Adolfo Celi) for bookings but is refused. However, the lecherous man soon reconsiders -- he promises a week of dates if Bautista can seduce gorgeous temptress Olimpia Segura (Britt Ekland, then Sellers' wife) within three days. Until now a pitiful fool, Bautistia suddenly becomes wily and crafts a brilliant con to win her attention. He poses as the emissary of a rich Count who longs for gold-digging Olimpia's company, and then arranges dates that are only excuses to spend time with her himself. Much of the film dwells on this bait-and-switch game wherein Bautista fumbles for ways to explain the Count's absence while still keeping Olimpia on the hook.

Menacing Celi makes a wonderful adversary for Sellers, but is sadly underused. Meanwhile, the first act wastes a large chunk of time on an utterly pointless nebbish who's infatuated with Olimpia. There is no reason for his character to exist, and he is whisked out of the story long, long before the film is through. What producer owed the actor a favor? Other notable features include a strange ending that alienated many viewers (the lobby poster is a hint), two Sellers-sung ballads (nicely done) and an extended flamenco-dance solo that is viscerally disgusting in ways that mere words can't capture. Based on the dancer's sweaty, convulsed face, you would guess she was giving birth rather than cutting a rug. And the scene just goes on and on. I almost fast-forwarded.

If you want to see a bronze-skinned Sellers chasing a cute girl with a foreign accent, you're much better off renting "The Party."
November 28, 2009
a gentle if a bit too gentle Peter Sellers comedy - he plays a singing bullfighter who has to woo a lady in order to get a slot in the nearby theatre - 2 beautiful things on view here, Britt Ekland and Barcelona!!

Liked the ending though!
July 16, 2009
A long-forgotten Peter Sellers film directed by Robert Parrish, which he starred with his then wife Britt Ekland. It was a big flop upon it's original release, but it's not that bad. It's dated quite a bit, and alot of the humour doesn't work today, but it's a good timepiece of Spain in the 1960's and it has a certain sense of charm and flair about it. Set in Barcelona, it has aspiring but hopeless singing bullfighter Juan Bautista (Sellers) arriving in town to try his luck in the big city, he has determination and he won't give in. He tries to impress local theatre impersario Francisco Carbonell (Adolfo Celi), and pesters Carbonell to give him a go with a few nights in his local theatre. Being a devious so and so, Carbonell accepts, but only on the condition that Bautista can woo the elusive Olimpia (Ekland), a "shrewd merciless beauty" who can win the heart of any man, but always seems to break their hearts easily, but Bautista is a man of determination, and doesn't give in easily. It's well made for it's time, but despite it's dated humour, it was the beginning of Sellers' sad decline, before his comeback in the mid-1970's. But, he gives a good performance here, as does his wife. Oh, and Hattie Jacques is in it!! :D
December 15, 2007
brilliant sellers - gorgeous britt ekland - genius script - and yes of course - manchego chees sandwiches
½ September 16, 2007
Britt and Peter are a couple, and Peter plays a bull fighter who cheats. He realizes that Britt is someone who get her revenge, now he is singing the blues.
August 1, 2007
don't like Peter Sellers
July 25, 2007
A forgotten PSellers. Not his best, but RBrazzi is cute as always lol.
½ July 5, 2007
I'm going to be either a 'mata-troubador' or a 'trouba-matador'. I haven't decided yet.
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