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June 15, 2016
three tales about the attraction and power of women
Robert B.
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September 28, 2015
Boccaccio 70 is light Italian comedy / drama. The short films are entertaining and the women are good-looking. While these films are not among the greatest of the era, if you enjoyed La Dolce Vita, for example, for the Italian charm and spirit, then you will likely enjoy the Boccaccio films as well. They are not classics but they are good to watch.
½ September 14, 2015
Boccacio was a 14th century Italian poet, storyteller and humanist who among other works wrote "Decameron", a collection of licentious stories which is very much appreciated even nowadays. In 1962 four great Italian film directors (Monicelli, Fellini, Visconti and de Sica) made this movie in four episodes (each one by one of them) inspired on the same theme of Bocaccio's work i.e. erotic love in our times under several of its forms: marital, repressed, adulterous and paid for. It combines Monicelli's humour with Fellini's symbolism, Visconti's psychological realism and de Sica's social and moral satire. In my opinion the best episode is de Sica's one, the story of a beautiful woman (Sophia Loren) who runs a shooting sideshow in a funfair. The less good is perhaps Visconti's one story of a rich couple whose wife revenges herself of her husband's infidelity in a curious and elegant way because of somewhat dull dialogues which is however compensated by the gorgeous interior sceneries of the palace where his episode takes place like he has already made us familiar with in some of his other movies. All the episodes combine humour, sensuality and light drama in balanced doses and will undoubtedly please the viewers.
May 22, 2014
This review is for the Fellini short "The Temptation of Dr. Antonio." The funniest Fellini and still manages to incorporate all his themes. Ridiculously fun while still having a Fellini twist.
½ April 25, 2014
All four of these tales are Italian to the core. Romy Schneider, Anita Ekberg and Sophia Lauren, need I say more?
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½ July 6, 2013
I wish Loren and Fellini had actually made a movie together. They did not, but Fellini's film, The Temptation of Dr. Antonio, is classic Fellini. I didn't care much for the other two films.
May 28, 2013
Mi version de esta pelicula tiene cuatro y no tres historias, porque la historia que rodo el director Mario Monicelli y que se llama "Renzo y Lucia" no se distribuyo internacionalmente, y trata de una pareja que trabaja en la misma planta y que se ven obligados a ocultar su matrimonio a su jefe para no ser despedidos. A todo esto porque desean una casa ya que viven de arrimados en la de los padres de Lucia. Finalmente se descubre la verdad. La ironia es que una vez que logran conseguir la casa, no pueden vivir juntos ya que tienen el horario desfasado, cuando uno entra el otro sale. Las Tentaciones del Dr Antonio de Fellini trata sobre un hombre que tiene que luchar contra un panoramico instalado frente a su consultorio que muestra a una chica que para publicitar una marca de leche ense#a sus "atributos naturales" El Trabajo de Visconti trata sobre la venganza de una esposa ante los desvanos de su marido. La ultima es La Rifa de Vittorio de Sica. Es una divertida comedia Napolitana. Una mujer (Sophia Loren) vende boletos para acostarse con el premiado para asi obtener dinero y pagar sus deudas. El ganador reulta ser el sacristan del pueblo. Y todos quieren comprarle en billete...
December 6, 2012
A quartet mini-features from the 4 most prestigious Italian directors must be a rare treat for aficionados, but since shorts sometimes has been designed to experiment maestro‚(TM)s more daring or outlandish innovation, so a 1+1<2 formula is well acceptable for the viewers at least.

Act 1, Monicelli‚(TM)s amiable modern tale of a pair of young newlyweds working in the same factory while conceiving their nuptial facts since it breaches the unfeeling regulation. Monicelli‚(TM)s devotion and affection to the general mass is ubiquitous, the camera follows intimately to record the lovebirds‚(TM) daily work, diversion and quagmire, and the bittersweet ending is unerringly sanguine which should be the bloodline runs inside the Italian lineage.

Act 2, Fellini‚(TM)s ever-first colour endeavour, surrealistic, sumptuous and luscious fantasy of a moral watchdog‚(TM)s eventual relinquishment towards a sexy bomb (an enormous 50 feet-tall Anita Ekberg), a female-exploitation gag which is constantly overplayed (not inclusively) in Fellini‚(TM)s canon. But visually, Fellini‚(TM)s manoeuvre of projecting different proportioned characters (creates two identical settings with different sizes) is quite nimble without exposing any shoddy clues (except the forged beasts, which is a buzzkill).

Act3, Visconti‚(TM)s pleonastic noble Count whose brothel scandal evokes a major crisis with his wealthy but vindictive wife, a higher-tier pastiche ends up with a sloppy reference of a disparaging stinking rich‚(TM)s gauche prostitute fetish. At any rate Romy Schneider is the best thing in it, pairs with a well-suited Tomas Milian, presents a paragon of bourgeois vulnerability and emptiness.

Act 4, another ‚prostitute‚? farce in a rural background, De Sica seduces the world with Sophia Loren‚(TM)s vulgar and crude beauty, a sultry whore will spend one night with the man who guess right of the lottery number, but it turns out to be a mental masturbation joke, quite tedious and a bit offensive.

Apparently this is another patchy miscellany doesn‚(TM)t live up to the test of the time, Monicelli‚(TM)s neo-realistic part (which suspiciously is taken out completely in the original US release) is the standout and quite a pity it didn‚(TM)t make up to a feature-length piece of work which producer Carlo Ponti had promised then.
September 20, 2012
This time I watched only The Temptation of Dr. Antonio, part of the Fellini retrospective I am enjoying now. It is hilarious with a great song by Nino Rota. The best of this, along with De Sica's contribution.
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March 16, 2012
These four segments by four auteurs are pure comic delight!
½ December 30, 2011
2.5: A very interesting idea - to recreate episode of Boccaccio's Decameron in the 20th century - that is handled fairly well. Visconti's episode was without a doubt the highlight for me, which is not necessarily what I would have expected. If you would asked me beforehand, I would have said Fellini's episode was likely to be my favorite. However, Visconti's portion is lush and beautiful and has something else none of the other episodes have: Romy Schneider. She is absolutely ravishing and gives a potent and bittersweet performance. This episode is perhaps the most tragic as she doesn't seem to have much to look forward to later in life, despite her lush and luxurious surroundings and lifestyle. In the end, she views her lot in life as little better than a prostitutes, despite being a countess. I'd give it 3.5. Fellini's episode does give us a giant Anita Ekberg, which is rather memorable, but it is a bit over-the-top. One would expect this, but it lacked the manic energy and vitality I associate with his full length works. The tune is catchy though. I'd give it 2.5. The other two stories are reasonably entertaining, but not terribly memorable. I'd give these 2.5 or 2. Sophia Loren has arguably never looked better, but she was never really my style anyway.
November 20, 2011
Just isn't my type of film.
November 13, 2011
All-star, multi-episode film is both funny and occasionally poignant.
August 18, 2011
"Boccaccio '70" is probably one of the best Italian movies I've seen. I think it's crazy that some others reviewing this can not like it! Can it get any better? You get excellent directors, wonderful actors for crying out loud! I think its funny this one isn't considered a classic. The episodes consist of "Renzo e Luciana", directed by Mario Monicelli and stars Marisa Solinas, which is the story of a newlyweds who are struggling. "R & L" is the weakest of the bunch, and was deleted from the original cut in the U.S and was only shown in Italy. The next is "Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio" directed by Federico Fellini and stars Peppino de Filipo Filippo and Anita Ekberg. This was my most favorite of all of the episodes, not just because it cracked me up, but it was the most unique idea. It's about an old man sick of sex in society, and when a billboard of the provocative Ekberg advertising to "Drink More Milk" it drives him crazy. Third is "Il lavoro" directed by Luchino Visconti and stars Romy Schneider, as an aristocratic housewife dealing with the scandal of her famous husband being seen with a hooker. Schneider gives the best performance of all and could have earned an Oscar nod for her work. She's tough-talking but vulnerable, and you learn so much about her and her husband's characters throughout the story. "La riffa" is directed by Vittorio de Sica and stars Sophia Loren as the trampy carnival worker who puts out a raffle (for money) to have a guy get a chance to meet her. Loren is fun and charming and is very entertaining to see on screen. This tied with "LtddA" for me.. "Boccaccio '70" is a great foreign movie!
December 9, 2010
Fellini's segment has a giant devilish Anita Ekberg towering over Rome like King Kong, torturing a little prude between her giant cleavage and threatening to do a giant striptease for him. It's surprisingly tedious. A heavy handed complaint about response to La Dolce Vita, I guess.
October 28, 2009
Bajo la magnifica produccion de Carlo Ponti, Boccaccio '70 es una pintura audiovisual segmentada para ser dirigida brutalmente por un poker de ases del cine italiano: Mario Monicelli, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti y Vittorio de Sica. Influidos por la pluma de Giovanni Boccaccio (El Decameron), sobre una idea de Cesare Zavattini y apoyada por Italo Calvino, esta pelicula de 4 episodios es un acercamiento absoluto a varios aspectos de la modernidad desde otra perspectiva, haciendo enfasis en el amor, el deseo, el compromiso, el humor, la pasion, la fortuna... elementos todos, presentes en el libro de Boccaccio.
* ''Renzo e Luciana'' de Mario Monicelli: 5/5
Interesante episodio sobre una pareja que oculta su estado sentimental para conservar el empleo, pero que, debido a las circunstacias, deciden sacarlo a la luz para seguir adelante con sus vidas.
* ''Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio'' de Federico Fellini: 5/5+
Un grande Fellini!. Un cuento sobrenatural con una sobredosis alucinante de imagenes excelentes, con una actuacion magistral por parte de Peppino de Filippo en la bella compa√Īia de Anita Ekberg. Un avistamiento perfecto al morboso enamoramiento, un homenaje a la demoniaca belleza femenina.
* ''Il lavoro'' de Luchino Visconti: 4/5
Un conde es victima de sus propios escandalos al ser sorprendido pagando a cambio de sexo. Su mujer, una aristocrata de tradicion, luego de una conversacion termina obligando a su marido a pagarle por sexo. Joya... verguenzas de la aristo-crazy-a.
* ''La riffa'' de Vittorio De Sica: 5/5+
Flor de episodio!!!. Colorido y gracioso, brillante. La suerte y el sexo, como siempre, haciendo estragos en la tranquilidad del publico, aqui, en la figura de la escultural y despampanante Sofia Loren, diva de divas. Excelente.
September 4, 2009
filmonowelki dosc fajne. w glownej roli zawsze kobieta. bo o erotyzmie mowa w tym wszystkim. ja osobiscie umiescilabym wielkiego murzyna z wielka czarna pala. no ale zamiast murzyna mamy sophie.wspanialy pomysl, aby obsadziic sophie w roli loteryjnej prostytutki! jaka ona jest piekna! jaka fajna! jaka ona ma piers bujna i miekka! no, faktycznie murzyn z wielka pala sie jednak nie umywa. a jak fajnie, ze znajduje sobie torreadora, ktory ja porywa, troche policzkuje, ale to wszystko z milosci (od pierwszego wejrzenia zreszta).
romy schneider mnie jakos draznila. w ogole ta nowelka byla dosc nudna. ciagle chodzilo w niej o to samo, czyli o pieniadze. no i moze jakies zranione uczucia. te byly nieco bardziej ukryte, gdzies w tych palacowych, bogatych wnetrzach. skonczylo sie lzami.
a fellini? taka oczywista alegoria. o dewocie jednym takim, co zwariowal przez swoje zaklamanie, przez zwalczanie prawdziwych zadz i pokus. ostrzezenie? hmm. cos w tym jest. bo nie ma nic gorszego nic oszukiwac siebie samego. mame oszukasz, kolege tez, ale siebie nie oszukasz. a jak sprobujesz, to zwariujesz, ze fiu fiu.
June 19, 2009
Ever the sucker for the sixties, this little piece of fun Italian delight is like a chocolate-flavored hard candy to enjoy.

The dames in dreamy black and white, and the directors - (good Lordy) gathered together in a fetching collection of stylish vintage cinema.
½ February 20, 2009
Ever the sucker for the sixties (& contentedly built w/ a bullet-proof pride for my culture) this little piece of rich Italian delight is like a chocolate-flavored hard candy to be sucked on.

The dames in dreamy black and white, and the directors - (good lordy) gathered together in a universe-denting collection of stylish vintage cinema.
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