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Exemplifying Brian De Palma's filmmaking bravura and polarizing taste, Body Double is a salacious love letter to moviemaking.



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In Body Double, director Brian DePalma pays homage to the Alfred Hitchcock movies Vertigo and Rear Window, adding a few grotesque touches all his own. Craig Wasson plays Jake, a struggling actor who keeps losing jobs because of his claustrophobia. To make matters worse, his girlfriend has walked out on him, so he has no place to sleep. His pal offers him the use of his apartment for the evening. The apartment happens to be equipped with a huge picture window and telescope, enabling him to spy on his beautiful neighbor Gloria (Deborah Shelton) while she undresses. He also bears witness to her brutal murder. And then he meets a porn star (Melanie Griffith), who has just taken a job posing as the late Gloria. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Craig Wasson
as Jake Scully
Gregg Henry
as Sam Bouchard
Melanie Griffith
as Holly Body
Deborah Shelton
as Gloria Revelle
Guy Boyd
as Jim McLean
David Haskell
as Drama Teacher
Al Israel
as Corso
Casey Sander
as Man #2 (Holly Does Hollywood)
Douglas Warhit
as Video Salesman
B.J. Jones
as Douglas
Larry Flash Jenkins
as Assistant Director
Monty Landis
as Sid Goldberg
Linda Shaw
as Herself
Denise Loveday
as Actress/Vampire Movie
Gela Jacobson
as Corso's Secretary
Ray Hassett
as Police Officer
Rick Gunderson
as Police Officer
Jerry Brutsche
as Police Officer
Michael Kearns
as Male Porno Star
Rob Paulsen
as Cameraman
Jeremy Lawrence
as Theater Director
Rod Loomis
as TV Director
Gary F. Griffith
as Auditioning Actor
Michael White (I)
as Security Guard
Emmett Brown
as Studio Guard
H. David Fletcher
as Security Guard at Bellini's
Marcia del Mar
as Production Assistant
Monte Landis
as Sid Goldberg
Phil Redrow
as Naked Man
Roi Loomis
as TV Director
Slavitza Jovan
as Saleslady
Jack Mayhall
as Jake's Replacement
Alexandra Day
as Girls in Bathroom
Pamela Weston
as Girls in Bathroom
Brinke Stevens
as Girls in Bathroom
Melissa Christian
as Girls in Bathroom
Patty Lotz
as Girls in Holly Does Hollywood
Barbara Peckinpaugh
as Girls in Holly Does Hollywood
David Ursin
as Man in Holly Does Hollywood
Casey Sanders
as Man in Holly Does Hollywood
Wes Edwards
as Man in Holly Does Hollywood
Paul Calabria
as Man with Dog
Nanci Rogers
as Stuntpeople
Richard Warlock
as Stuntpeople
Jerry Wills
as Stuntpeople
Ted Grossman
as Stuntpeople
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Audience Reviews for Body Double

  • Dec 09, 2016
    "Everybody is a peeper, peeping on their neighbors", Hitchcock seemed to infer with the production of Rear Window, "wouldn't we be happier if we all could just admit it?" DePalma, looking to up the ante seems to ask further, "we all masturbate, couldn't we simply do it together?"
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 19, 2016
    Brian De Palma seems to be enjoying quite a lot to poke fun at the artificiality of cinema with this delicious pastiche that pays homage to Hitchcock's films (mainly Vertigo and Rear Window) and plays with the limits of narrative and language as he injects his own style into it.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2013
    I first saw this film when it was released in 1984, was immediately captivated by it, and have re-visited it many times since then. Body Double may be my favorite DePalma film, even more so than Scarface since it blends different elements together so entertainingly. Body Double is of course a thriller, containing various Hitchcockian themes and devices for which DePalma has become famous. Its also a spoof of the porn industry, but it treats the porn business and B-movie slasher films in a refreshingly frank and candid manner. Its done with humor and without any moralizing, just another part of the business. Also, the LA locations, like the Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand and the futuristic Chemospehere house, not only lend the film authenticity, they really add to the memorable quality DePalma achieves. I enjoyed the performances of Craig Wasson, Dennis Franz, and others, but Body Double may be best remembered for Melanie Griffith's breakthrough role. She's sexy and totally hilarious. Her list of adult acting "restrictions" is one of the all-time greatest monologues. Wasson, who I liked in Ghost Story, is similar to De Palma's idol Hitchcock's hero in Vertigo Scotty (Jimmy Stewart). He is paralyzed by claustrophobia and "can't act." Wasson as Jake Scully is the perfect unpretentious "set-up witness." I can't fail to mention former Miss America Deborah Shelton as Gloria Revelle, one of the most beautiful women who ever graced the silver screen. There's a lurid fascination about this film. Its got sex, voyeurism, a power-drill murder, and the most palpable claustrophobia I've seen. You've also the Frankie-Goes-To-Hollywood "Relax" tie-in. It will harken you back to the glory days of MTV. All in all, its great tongue-in-cheek entertainment and, for my money, the most notable voyeur fantasy movie ever.
    Clintus M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 08, 2012
    Sam Bouchard: Don't be so melodramatic.  "You Can't Believe Everything You See" Body Double is Brian De Palma at his core. This is a film that driven by erotica and violence, and De Palma balances the two of the really well, while paying homage(or ripping off, however you want to look at it) to Hitchcock's Vertigo and Rear Window. The film is odd for sure. De Palma isn't known for making non-odd films, but this one is even weirder than his norm.  I liked it for sure. Actually, I loved it for the first hour or so. I loved the scene where Jake follows the woman for like 15 minutes straight on screen. There's little dialogue, but it works perfectly because of genuine suspense being built by watching Jake follow a woman who's being followed by another man. The movie falls apart in its last third, but not enough to change how much I liked the movie, especially the first hour.  Jake is a struggling actor who was just fired from his acting job as a vampire because he is claustrophobic and can't handle the coffin scene. He also just broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't have a place to live. A friend of his sets him up with a nice place and shows him a woman that does a little naked dance in the window every night. Like any guy, Jake watches her every night. Through watching her, he notices another guy watching her, and sees him follow her one day. The guy steals her purse, but Jake gets it back for her. Later that night, Jake views the same guy breaking into her house. He tries to save her, but is too late. Yeah, that's just the set up. If you are a De Palma fan, you should get a lot of satisfaction out of watching this one. If you aren't a De Palma fan, this movie is why you hate him. It definitely is not anywhere near his best, but there is something that is incredibly interesting about it. I could never recommend this to anyone though, because most people would probably be turned off to it. And I would completely understand why.
    Melvin W Super Reviewer

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