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½ October 15, 2017
Old fashioned Karloff horror story.
½ October 11, 2017
OK pacing and editing which centers on a social problem that was correlated with early medical research - grave robbing. Karloff is brilliant as the overly friendly and morally questionable gentleman of opportunity. Based on RL Stevenson's story, this was the final pairing of Karloff & Lagosi.
½ November 21, 2016
One of my favourite Karloff roles.
½ September 26, 2016
Karloff at his very best. A remarkable horror classic.
September 3, 2016
I happened upon this film while watching TV around 2:30 a.m and was impressed by Karloff's performance as well as the overall direction of the film. A week later I happened to be doing some research on Robert Louis Stevenson in my local library and I came across one of his short stories by the same name and sure enough the film was based on Stevenson's gothic tale. Incidentally, the story though well written was improved upon in the film.
May 23, 2016
An intruiging and even slightly disturbing colaboration between the two masters of horror, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, although I found that Lugosi doesn't appear too much. But remember, this ain't got nothing to do with the classic science-fiction tale of Invasion of the Body snatchers, it's completly different. It's well made, exciting and interesting and the acting and characters are excellent. Classic horror thriller film of the 40's to see. Recommended !!
April 22, 2016
The scene between Karloff and Lugosi is worth the price of admission alone. But in general this is a very watchable movie,and the ending is genuinely unnerving.
July 21, 2015
Classic Karloff chiller as he provides bodies for scientists to make a bit of money.
½ January 11, 2015
A creaky old grave robbing era horror that has lost any power it once had to scare or remotely shock, but this is still a halfway decent watch. Forget about this being a Boris Karloff picture as Henry Daniell is the main focus of attention here, and to be fair Daniell was a good actor in his time, and he's fine here as a pioneering surgeon at the heart of the picture. Bela Lugosi is given a small shoe string role, but at least he plays a part in one of the better, more memorable scenes of the whole movie. This isn't a must watch by any means as it really lacks bite, but the performances are worthy and there are much worse chillers out there.
December 17, 2014
Karloffs finest hour, exuding charm and menace with every scene alongside an equally superb Henry Daniell who relishes a bigger and meatier role then normal. The versatile Robert Wise conjures up a dark and brooding tale that is rich in character study and underlying darkness. The only down point is Lugosi's lack of screen time but what scenes he does have with Karloff are pure gold, if not slightly sad at the same time in retrospect.
July 31, 2014
An essay on Lewton and co. is on its way, refer to that when it's posted.
½ October 20, 2013
Karloff here is a totally unnerving cadaver stealer who ends up more than just a thief. Creepy to the max.
½ September 29, 2013
Early Grisly horror with Karloff, great film. Boris haunts an old friend who buys bodies from him, to further his medical research, Karloff really does come across as vile, The carriage scene at the end is fantastic, Even I was wondering how Karloffs body got there, Classic horror stuff, one of the best.
½ May 6, 2013
Excellent film. Love it.
½ March 13, 2013
Tenia esperanzas en que el rol de Lugosi mejorara, pero justo cuando mas hablaba lo matan... bueno, lo que no brillo el lo hizo Karloff.
January 24, 2013
Karloff and Lugosi meet Burke and Hare.
January 22, 2013
Boris Karloff is amazing, per usual, in this Val Lewton produced, Robert Wise directed mystery thriller. It really is about a time and place as much as anything else. Set in the 1830s, medicine was not very advanced, anesthetic did not exist, and the world was reeling with news of the Burke and Hare mass murders. The story is wall paced and decent. Recommended
January 20, 2013
Boris Karloff is awesome in this as he torments a doctor. His scene with Bela Lugosi is cool too. Another atmospheric and spooky Val Lewton production
½ January 13, 2013
This one is one of the earliest Slasher films ever. The film is semi-effed up. There is a psychological thriller sense to the film. It brings an interesting look into the moral aspect of using the Dead to better science. I guess the modern version of this is stem cell research...
October 31, 2012
another moody creeper from val lewton
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