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½ February 18, 2012
Fine performances all around. The story and relationships develop (or are revealed) naturally and unhurriedly until, apparently, the desired film length had been reached so a few threads of the tapestry are tied off and we call it good. Not a bad film, though. The end isn't disappointing as much as it seems just another step a story we'll be returning to.
½ October 10, 2011
At times the film couldn't seem to decide what it was about - the piano, the workshop, the relationships. It was a little too ambitious and a little too long. I thought the characters were well developed, though, and the parts of the storyline that worked, worked very well. Recommended, but don't set your sights too high.
½ October 3, 2011
With a few International Film Prizes on its heels, most notably a Best Screenplay Award at the Sundance, Israeli drama RESTORATION [its international title], is an elegiac study of two worlds converging. as Yaakov Fidelman [sharply portrayed by an acerbic Sasson Gabai], an antiques furniture restorer, finds his life-long business partner dead but must continue on with his own, suddenly empty, life. Financially strapped and scared of the future may present to him, he turns to his only son for assistance but finds their ideals in conflict. Enter Anton, Yaakov's new apprentice, a Russian immigrant [appealing Henry David] who finds an 1882 Steinway piano in their junk shop and offers to restore it for a sizable profit that can save Mr. Fidelman from ruin.

The clash between a modernized, Western Israel with possibilities of financial gain versus the old-school socialist mindset that initially built the country is on display in this quietly observant film that suggests that while the worlds shall meet, and possibly clash, at some point they shall come to a compromise.
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