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½ March 30, 2010
This was a rather enjoyable movie. If you are a fan of Bollywood films then this is one for you. As usual with this type of film, there is a happy ending for the lovers - so I love that.
½ October 30, 2009
seem to be nice film,Aamir Khan always turn out to be good actor
September 15, 2009
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July 9, 2009
An evidente example of Bolywood unpleasant.
½ June 11, 2009
Rangeela with a new name bollwood dreams. Good movie I liked all the loud flashy clothes unlike some reviewers!! ha ha. Rangeela was music director A. R. Rahman's first Hindi movie with an original score, as the previous ones were dubbed from his Tamil scores. The soundtrack features playback singer Asha Bhosle, who made a comeback singing Rahman's songs. Ok story good actors great music dance and song. Aamir Khan as Munna-- the male lead went on to Product the big Indian Hit Laagan 2001 that is a really good one.!! Milli- Urmila Matondkar went on to win several Indian best actress awards. I agree with other reviewer that subtitles timing is bad meaning they often do not match what is being said and often don't stay on the screen enough time to read. (and I am fast reader) also the actual dialogue is dubbed horribly and out of sync. I mean its 1995 and surely any professional director producers can get the lip sync to work~!!! I still enjoyed the move but it is a long movie 175 minutes!! 3 stars.
½ April 13, 2009
It is called Rangeela not Bollywood Dreams.
September 16, 2008
its "rangeela"
the best movie of ram gopal verma, aamirkhan and urmila
Super Reviewer
September 13, 2008
It was okay and very predicable, cute story about an aspiring film star.
May 13, 2008
my Bollywood dream is that it gets nuked and stops putting out all this horrible SHIT. More bathing, less shitty movies, okay?
January 29, 2008
I like Bollywood. Ok ,sometimes it is a little bit kitschy but the lovestorys are forcy!
January 6, 2008
this movie isnt called bollywood dreams
its called rangeela
January 4, 2008
I love Urmila but this sounds...bleah.
December 1, 2007
mieux qu'Eschyle et elixir de bonne humeur!
November 19, 2007
A nice bollywood movie.
August 1, 2007
A good Aamir Khan movie which ended happy.
July 4, 2007
½ May 7, 2007
It's got Aamir Khan so how can it be bad eh? + Urmila holds her own is the stellar dance classic.
March 2, 2007
bollywood, is long, boring & stupid, congratz!!
February 10, 2007
bollywood dreams is a great great film i love it
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