Bollywood/Hollywood Reviews

December 30, 2006
June 24, 2006
The film oozes chutzpah, but regrettably the dance scenes don't match the sparkle of the performances. A pleasing romp, nevertheless -- both studio systems should feel proud.
October 13, 2005
March 12, 2004
Mehta manages to make her film not only palatable, but a real pleaser.
February 4, 2004
December 12, 2003
Does precisely what Bollywood movies should do: It engages us with its joyousness and silliness and its unflagging commitment to surface attractions.
November 29, 2003
A contrived contraption, with more than a hint of desperation in its clueless anxiousness to be an audience winner along the lines of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
November 28, 2003
Not authentic Bollywood, not polished enough to pass for Hollywood and not edgy enough for indie film fans.
November 20, 2003
While the musical numbers that season "Bollywood" are brimming with color and enthusiasm, they're not exactly overflowing with technical competence.
November 5, 2003
What starts as an examination of the common cliches of Hollywood and Bollywood ends up being condescending to both.
October 31, 2003
When the music stops, so does the magic. The film loses its footing with flat deliveries of dialogue from most of the cast.
October 31, 2003
Clearly designed to appeal to fans of both the Indian and American houses of filmmaking. Unfortunately, it's so inept that it may appeal to neither.
October 10, 2003
An escort gets paid to play the part of the rich guy's girlfriend - it's Bollywood's answer to Pretty Woman... Is Bollywood/Hollywood jolly-good fun? Almost.
October 9, 2003
Though neither big nor slick, it's a joyful, feel-good spoof that makes you want to run out and rent a real Bollywood musical.
October 8, 2003
Bollywood/Hollywood, like this spring's slightly better cultural hodgepodge The Guru, simply offers no compelling reason to fork over your movie dollars.
October 3, 2003
A musical comedy that's mirthless and barely musical.
October 3, 2003
Less a pastiche of the cinematic conventions of both 'woods than it is My Big Fat Greek Wedding in a sari.
October 3, 2003
Mehta's delight with her own in-joke, as well as her attractive, energetic cast, will prove infectious to those audiences who find themselves sharing the director's frivolous frame of mind.
October 3, 2003
The movie is lazily conceived, refusing to offer a single developed character or scene.
October 3, 2003
Mehta can't decide whether she's making a spoof of Indian cinema or a straightforward romantic comedy.