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March 4, 2018
Emotional, intense, True! This movie will give you every feeling, it's a must see.
February 26, 2018
Spaciously missing elements, but ambitious with decent lighting. It's a story worth telling although some moments feel milked when showing respect. If you enjoy this scene, it's quite nice.
February 23, 2018
What a perfect movie! Showing what is the real life when you are different and have a voice ... everyone want to shut you. They don't want to ear the truth. Don't talk, don't have an opinion, don't be different and specially follow the ranks.
½ February 19, 2018
Interesting story, but unlikable characters all around and very cringy.
February 19, 2018
It is a great independent movie based on a real story. It depicts the last week of Brian Deneke before his murder by a jock and HS football star, the trial of the murder case (and the ugly tactic used by the defendant lawyer to vilify Brian and the Amarillo punk community) and eventually the verdict that was a slap on the wrist.
The movie is great because he does not depict Brian as an all-saint angel (he had been arrested for can spraying and attempt to evade to police), but I dare someone that did not do something stupid during their teenage years. It shows the struggle of being a punk, a goth, a metalhead or anything that is considered deviant from the Holy Trinity in a small Texas town (Jesus, Guns and HS Football). The strength of the movie is its relative location accuracy (a good chunk was filmed in Amarillo), the accuracy of the trial (with the use of court transcripts) and the fairness of treatment (the filmmaker did not mention that the HS football jock that escaped jail time and fine later got a taste of his medicine for violating probation).
Unlike a fictional movie, this one left me dazzled, shaken and full of sorrow. Brian was my age, was listening something not too far from my musical taste and unfortunately paid the highest price, only to be portrayed as a "filth to the society". RIP Brian :(
February 18, 2018
Bomb City is powerful, thought provoking, and bone chillingly realistic. You know how it ends from the get go, but that doesn't make it lose any of the feeling or the impending dread. You are dropped into the story and experience their world without the need of an extensive backstory or explanation. In short, you experience, instead of simply being told what it was like to be punk in Amarillo. The realism comes from showing the flaws on both sides, and the motivations and feelings that so often accompany prejudice, impulse, and poor judgment (from which none of us are immune). The cinematography and score add to this sense of realism, impulse, and dread. It is a must see; and once you do, it will stay with you.
½ February 18, 2018
I honestly can't recommend this film enough. If you're into dramas and want a visceral experience, support this movie. It derserves your attention. And there's tons of moments that really make your heart race. Especially near the end, which I won't spoil. This is a mature, dark, gritty and great movie. Definitely check it out!
½ February 18, 2018
A beautifully made film though some scenes did drag on a little and could have been shortened. My heart goes out to Brian's family. While they struggle to live everyday after the sensless loss of their son, Cody is out there still living his pathetic life. I pray he never finds peace, and has nights of sleeplessness and bad dreams for what he's done. On this occasion, the Amarillo judicial system failed!
February 16, 2018
Was completely blindsided by how much of an impact this entire film would have on me. Don't sleep on this one.
February 15, 2018
Great movie, I lived through the event and still didn't know as many details and what this movie lead to.
½ February 15, 2018
akhirnya di pelemin juga nih kasus taun 97.. kalo pernah denger museum dinamit pasti tau, sayang doi mati dan kasusnya ydh gtu aja.pembunuhnya bebas, cma gegara laifstyle jd org kek mreka emg pantes die.
sampe film bener bene endingg, gua masih antusias banget, edning dengan pernyataan yang bagus banget!
February 13, 2018
I said before that is difficult not to take real events in considerations when you write a based-of-true-facts movie review, at least for me it is. But in this case I don't want to think about the real drama because it's too complicate to be put in a 95 minutes piece of film. I just want to admire the amazing direction and the great use of lights and photography, because thanks to them you can feel and follow the tension of those moments in a really powerful way. This movie proves that you don't need tons of money to do that. Well done.
February 13, 2018
Life changing. This heartbreaking event has you emotionally invested from the very beginning. Everyone should see it this.
February 12, 2018
I was living in Amarillo Texas when this happened, although I was only 8 I can still remember the news story's and the trial. I grew up to be a punk and have a similar life to the punks in this movie. I watched the credits in tears and thought of my youth. I knew the story and what was going to happen and I still became very emotional watching this. I personally know many people who were directly affected by Brian and his tale. The movie was brilliant, very well directed and was visually Amazing.
February 12, 2018
Such a great movie! It's rare to find a movie now that keeps you invested from start to very last credit!
February 12, 2018
Absolutely perfect. Perfectly written, acted and portrayed. All the sites really took me back. Wonderful movie, gritty and real. Thank you for saying it!
½ February 12, 2018
A Texas teenager war story that will subdue you with passionate aggravation.
February 11, 2018
Wow this was an amazing heart breaking movie!!! It's definitely a must see.
February 11, 2018
This movie is amazing! RIP Brian ??
February 9, 2018
The punk rock film of our generation.
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