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Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula combines the rough and tumble world of 1930's era gangster movies with the gothic atmosphere of a classic horror film. When a robbery goes bad and one of their companions is shot, Bonnie & Clyde (portrayed by Los Angeles-based actors Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga) are forced to seek help at the mansion of the crazed Dr. Loveless. But Loveless has a secret. Deep in his cellar, the recently revived Dracula awaits... -- (C) Official Site
Action & Adventure , Drama , Horror
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Trent Haaga
as Clyde
Allen Lowman
as Dr. Loveless / Chick
Russel Friend
as Dracula
Russell Friend
as Dracula
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Critic Reviews for Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula

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Full Review… | May 22, 2012
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic

Not as fun as it sounds, Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula shoots blanks before sucking the life out of its premise.

Full Review… | April 26, 2011
Top Critic

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Full Review… | May 22, 2012
Screen International

It's one of the small gems that keep longtime horror buffs like me sifting through the slag.

Full Review… | September 20, 2011
Miss FlickChick

It's a demented and brutally grotesque little gem...

Full Review… | February 13, 2011
Cinema Crazed

It's good-looking, surprisingly steamy cinematic silliness.

May 1, 2009
Kansas City Star

Audience Reviews for Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula

Unfortunately a staggering waste of a fun premise. What starts as a decent, low budget period piece production focused on the exploits of Bonnie and Clyde slowly meanders and over-stretches itself into a drama with very little action (or Dracula). Bonnie and Clyde spend almost the entire film without ever seeing Dracula until they finally meet in a very unexciting way with very little fight between them. One of the biggest facets holding the film back is the unusual (and mostly unnecessary) inclusion of secondary characters like Dr Loveless and his simple-minded female assistant who end up distracting from the story rather then building on it. While the audience impatiently waits for Bonnie and Clyde to finally meet their villain, they are subjected to odd scenes of drama and forced comedy between the doctor and his assistant who seems to be going through just as much drama as the title characters. A film obviously designed as a tongue-in-cheek action/horror between three iconic characters ends up looking like a cautionary tale in writing a film around your family members who each want their own memorable on-screen characters (no matter how small they should have been). We all understand this film can't be as flashy as a multimillion dollar picture but, if Clyde is going to unload an entire clip of his (fully automatic?) pistol into a fellow human, there has to be a few bullet holes on screen and unfortunately, there is just a guy convulsing against a wall in slow motion with a very clean shirt.

Jay Spence
Jay Spence

My criticism of Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula might be a tad-bit unfair because perhaps one isn't supposed to complain much about a movie called Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula. Going into it, I knew it was a D-List B-Movie with a preposterous premise ... and it is. The film has "decent" acting from some no-name-never-will-be-name actors who do the most with their cheesey dialogue and the grotesque situations in which they find themselves. Simply because someone believed a confrontation between the notorious gangster-duo and Dracula would make for an interesting movie, Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula was made. It doesn't really matter how Bonnie and Clyde end up in the same house as Dracula (a mad doctor with a burlap sack over his head -- Dr. Loveless -- is harboring the bloodsucker in his basement ... yep, sure thing!); all that does matter is that the two sides confront each other ... and nobody else really stands a chance. It is an "ignorance-is-bliss" kind of a film ... the audience is simply supposed to enjoy the stupidity onscreen. I was able to ... some; but it really bothered me that the remarkably bad screenwriter apparently knew next-to-nothing of Ms. Parker and Mr. Barrow. They are pretty-much Bonnie and Clyde in name ONLY as their behavior and actions and motivations in THIS film are nothing-at-all like they were in real life. I am sure it shouldn't bother me; but it does ... because, seriously, get something right! It is difficult to blend real-life characters with fiction in something like this. I read and accepted Pride & Prejudice and Zombies and I didn't mind the Bennett sisters being ninja-trained warriors because they were never real; but having Bonnie Parker go medieval with a razor blade (before they even encounter Fangs McGhee) was just too much (as it is still debated whether or not the REAL Bonnie ever pulled a trigger). This is a movie that must be watched with one's brain turned completely off (which means we hope breathing does come naturally) because ANY kind of thinking begins to mar the film. How is that possible?!? Actually ... I don't know as I haven't turned my brain back on yet.

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams

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