The Boondock Saints Reviews

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February 21, 2004
Visualmente interessante, o filme se corrompe ao fazer apologia da "justiça com as próprias mãos". Ainda assim, a atuação de Dafoe merece ser conferida.
February 10, 2004
October 29, 2003
It does the job, but doesn't do a very good job of it.
August 7, 2003
May 29, 2003
Stylish and fun in a cheeseball sort of way.
February 2, 2003
From this cast, you'd expect better, but it's mostly just a redundant Tarantino wanna-be.
August 26, 2002
A ridiculous, self-important amalgamation of rehashed macho posturing and slow-motion bloodletting. Do yourself a favor: do not attend a convocation with these Saints.
June 29, 2002
Duffy has made a film that sort of straddles the fine line between great movie and useless piece of garbage.
May 11, 2002
The Boondock Saints, sorry to say, wasn't worth the trouble.
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