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Filmmaker Chris Burgard's Border takes a torrid, unflinching look at the illegal immigration crisis afflicting the southern regions of such states as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico - and reached its peak during the mid-late 2000s. A hard-hitting muckraking documentary designed to generate a mass wave of awareness about this calamity, Burgard's film resists bipartisan system political bias by unveiling the flaws inherent in both Democratic and Republican responses to the issue. The director gamely attacks both the right-wing factions that encourage illegal Hispanic immigration for the sake of fueling big business, and the left-wing factions that want to leave the borders open to push multiculturalism and swing democratic votes from non-citizens. As a visual expose, Burgard carries his cameras to the no-man's land surrounding the southern U.S. boundary, for a terrifying glimpse of land strewn with dead Mexican bodies, the panties of female rape victims hanging from trees, and all manner of other horrors too numerous to mention. The filmmaker also explores and corroborates illegal immigration's bankruptcy of the California health care system and paints President George W. Bush (in the second half of his sophomore term) as a man at serious risk of losing two conflicts - not only the one centered in Baghdad, but one in the southern reaches of the very homeland he claims to support and love but did little to protect.
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Estimates are that one in thirty people in the US is an illegal immigrant, so this is an issue affecting everyone. However, this film should have more aptly been titled "An Hour and A Half with the Minutemen". There is an obvious pro-US/anti-illegal immigration agenda being promoted, which is hard to disagree with, but providing a one-sided argument does not challenge viewers. This could have been a Minutemen recruiting video if they had included cowboys jumping over walls, belly crawling, smashing pinatas and traversing jungle gyms. Since when has Lou Dobbs been a credible source of information worthy of written quotations? That being said, Border does paint a vivid picture of the negative aspects of illegal immigration, including the strain on public resources, human trafficking, rape trees, littering, harassing ranchers, drug smuggling, and death(including graphic pictures of desiccated corpses). The film already seems dated, as the role of the Minutemen has faded from the national spotlight and the multi-billion dollar border fence is in progress and the film only foretells of the increased violence of Mexican drug traffickers of late. Instead of focusing on patrols, it would have been nice to spend additional time investigating more intelligent solutions, such as the one expert promoting temporary work permits with withholdings paid upon exiting the country. If you have a red, white and blue cowboy hat in your hat collection or a Lou Dobbs tattoo you will love this film, otherwise as a documentary its just ok.

P Davidson
P Davidson

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