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A group of revolutionary students experiences rebellion, enlightenment, and change while establishing a commune devoted to free love, anarchy, and nudism, only to see their children eventually engage in a similarly styled rebellion 20 years later. The year was 1968: Catherine, Yves, and Hervé were 20 years old, and the revolt in May had turned their lives upside down. Enamored by the concept of communal utopia, the three friends move into an abandoned farm in the Lot region and establish a commune. Over time, their longing for freedom and personal accomplishment finds many of the friends walking away from the micro-society they worked so diligently to establish. Flash forward to 1989, when Catherine and Yves' children witness the fall of communism, and the onset of the AIDS epidemic. Much like their parents years before, the disillusioned youths begin to question the generation that preceded them while longing for a better world than the one they were born into.
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Full Review… | February 22, 2012
Top Critic

A politically naïve and protracted slice of dewy-eyed nostalgia.

Full Review… | September 25, 2009
Time Out
Top Critic

Despite its admirable ambitions, Born in 68 feels like an inferior imitation of The Best Of Youth, with some talented actors let down by an inferior screenplay and unimaginative cinematography.

Full Review… | September 25, 2009

What promises to be an epic story of a group of hippy radicals from May 1968 to the present, gradually unwinds into a long, long soap opera.

Full Review… | September 25, 2009

There's a sense that this lengthy family saga might also be best enjoyed as an episodic TV drama.

September 24, 2009
Little White Lies

While watchable in a soapy way, TV level dialogue and script offer few surprises, and characters feel at the mercy of the next big bit of history Ducastel and Martineau have lined up.

Full Review… | September 24, 2009
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Audience Reviews for Nés en 68 (Born in 68)

A tale of hippy radicals who establish a commune in rural France in 1968 and following on to their equally radical children 20 years later. It's ambitious premise doesn't quite pay off and the very likeable cast of characters are let down by a rather melancholic and lacklustre script. Great aging make-up and beautifully shot, but the story lacks pace or promise. Shame.

Graham Beilby
Graham Beilby

"Born in 68" starts in the heady days of student protests of May 1968. Catherine(Laetitia Casta) has other things on her mind as she has an illegal abortion after having been knocked up by Yves(Yannick Renier) and/or Herve(Yann Tregouet). There are complications and she is rushed to a hospital by her friend Caroline(Kate Moran) while the guys distract the police. While recuperating at home, Catherine hides Jeremie, a draft dodger, from the police. After things have calmed down, he informs the group of a farm in the country where they can start a commune and Catherine and Yves can start a family. However, Maryse(Christine Citti), a perplexed but friendly neighbor, informs them that Jeremie may not have been entirely forthright... "Born in 68" is a multigenerational epic that tells a political story of France from 1968 to the present day, as the years skip by in a flash, in personal terms. In days of conflict, violence, which never solved anything, lurks in all corners, from police, temptation and the past. Even as a larger revolution may have failed, other changes were more successful as the idea of self-determination was defined as being more than just about the ballot box, especially on the subject of abortion and gay rights.(Knowing little of French political history, I had previously assumed that French presidents were all left of center until Sarkozy. Maybe it's all a matter of perspective.) The movie does not sugargoat the experience of commune life(a reminder of how hard it is to get a unanimous consensus on anything), even with free love and naked frolicking going on, so relax. As the characters' destinies are laid out, I would still have liked to know what happened to Caroline since she is a central part of the early story.

Walter M.
Walter M.

Super Reviewer

France. From Mai (May) 1968 to May 2007. From Charles de Gaulle to Nicolas Sarkozy. [Nes En 68] would be a significant epic to French. Being a movie, it is however somehow discordant, slack & really lengthy (173 minutes whereas 201 minutes for an extended version). The 1968 part is too random, too events-recording whilst the 1989 part is on the contrary too dramatic. Perhaps I was watching the edit version, there are places lack of elaboration- the skip of Catherine's kids childhood depiction, for example, makes me wonder why Ludmilla hates her mother so much; why Boris so differs from his sister (Ludmilla) as they were growing up in the same environment, etc. Anyway, it is still a watchable piece, although I think Italian's [La Meglio Gioventu] ([The Best Of Youth]), which with similar scope but almost a double of the length of this one, is way much outstanding.


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