Born To Fly Reviews

June 30, 2020
[It] puts the art of dance in a whole new light, and it's fitting that a documentary about her is so well choreographed, too.
November 20, 2018
Gund is able to capture the magic of what Streb does, which is no small feat, as well as the provocation of her work, which asks what is art not in terms of transcendence but of sweat‎ and tears.
October 23, 2014
The doc feels more padded than the floor mats Streb's gravity-defying dancers bounce off.
September 30, 2014
"Born to Fly" is a special film about an artist very much dedicated to an original vision, one that articulates the relationship of human bodies to space and time, and strength and resilience towards unstoppable and unmovable forces beyond our control.
September 26, 2014
...stretch[es] the boundaries of expression while examining the limits people go to test themselves physically and emotionally.
September 26, 2014
Dance purists might dismiss Streb's work as circus gymnastics, but a bracing aesthetic is inseparable from the corporal shocks, as is an insistence on challenging accepted constraints.
September 11, 2014
Director Catherine Gund most successfully depicts the visceral impact of Streb's work ...
September 9, 2014
A singularly focused and avant-garde talent, Ms. Streb bends the messy rush of risk to her indomitable will.
September 9, 2014
There's no discounting the pleasure of catching Streb on the big screen.
June 5, 2014
Born to Fly is a solid profile of choreographer Elizabeth Streb, but it misses the opportunity to more effectively capture the blunt physicality of her work with the tools of cinema.
April 3, 2014
This fascinating documentary depicts avant-garde choreographer Elizabeth Strep as both visionary and ringmaster.
March 11, 2014
Really exemplary documentary filmmaking...I went from completely ignorant of Streb and her 'action heroes' (the name she applies to her dancers) to becoming a big fan. Born to Fly is a must.