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February 13, 2016
July 7, 2014
RURAL Spanish Gothic--Atmospheric and stylish piece of genre cinema...!!
June 11, 2014
don't understand the movie at all, acting was good but idk.
January 25, 2014
Eerie tale with several awkward twists along the way. If that's not strange enough, the ending is even more bizarre.
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½ November 25, 2013
The Backwoods certainly wasn't what I was expecting (though I'm sure it would've been if I'd actually bothered to read the blurb rather than just go "Starring Gary Oldman? Fuckin' yep!" *buys*), and it was also significantly better than I was hoping. It wasn't dodgy, unbearably poorly acted horror, it was more of a drama than anything, though there were certainly horror/thriller elements to it.

Gary Oldman's (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Harry Potter series, Red Riding Hood, The Book of Eli, The Unborn, Hannibal, Dracula) fantastic, of course, and convincing in his role. Unfortunately that's just not quite enough. Backwoods totally felt like one of those "Based on a true story" gigs where you give up at the end 'cause the end of the real story is boring and you've used everything interesting already to get people into the story. Actually that's exactly what Backwoods is like. Plus it's actually more believable than a lot of those types of movies. Bleedin' Spaniards, I swear..

There's not a whole lot to be said here. Gary Oldman's going back to his Indie roots, and that's always cool, it reeks of atmosphere, but it's kind of a non-event after all is said and done. Was pretty worthy way to spend 98 minutes, and I'll hold onto it, though I doubt I'll ever watch The Backwoods again.


October 17, 2013
Serra's debut is a very personal thriller with solid performances and a well-made atmosphere.
August 14, 2013
How is this movie "fresh"? Penguin girl should be left in her cage.
August 13, 2013
not awesome. should have been better.
½ August 6, 2013
Despite the presence of an impressive cast (Gary Oldman, Paddy Considine, and the lovely Virginie Ledoyen), this watered down version of "Straw Dogs" is largely uninteresting and forgettable.
½ April 5, 2013
A decent by the numbers thriller that is eell acted but falls a bit flat. Gary Oldman steals the show
April 2, 2013
Oldman is always worth watching, but this film is not very good.
March 16, 2013
Not bad but not fully explainable.
March 4, 2013
Although the main part of the movie was an interesting thriller, the end left very little resolved, really up in the air, without any good explanation of what was going on and why it occurred. Therefore the movie, despite good acting, was really a bust for me.
December 2, 2012
It was a pretty good movie..acting wise. BUT i wish the plot was explained some more. It was quite confusing at times or vague.
June 5, 2012
Very disappointing! Didn't think Paddy Considine could give a bad performance til this. Credits at start were annoying, Ledoyen was annoying throughout and what was with the little girl with huge plastic hands?
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½ May 6, 2012
A less traumatising version of Straw Dogs.
April 10, 2012
Predicable but well done. Great acting from Gary Oldman and Paddy Considine. Worth a watch.
½ April 9, 2012
I can't tell you how many reviews of the Backwoods I read that only talk about Gary Oldman. He's got a legion of fans with whom he can do no wrong, it seems. Anyways, the Backwoods isn't exactly an original movie, but it's not that bad, either. It has a nice ending in which there are no heroes, only victims.
½ March 25, 2012
Did I miss something? Despite it's horrid reviews I decided to give this film a chance being it starred Gary Oldman, my favorite actor. I wwas expecting a hell lot worse so I was pleasantly surprised I didn't turn it off half way through but once it reached it's close, all I could say was "what?" So much was left unexplained. So despite it's beautiful setting and it being well acted by Gary Oldman, this film is awful. There isn't much more to say.
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