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September 26, 2016
i realy want to see this movie because is a beautiful and because is a old school movie
October 14, 2014
its my favorvite movie
January 13, 2013
Grate movie like it chuco de big vgv ha lmao grate actor
October 20, 2012
A good movie period.
August 15, 2012
watcha doin vato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 9, 2011
good movie if you like the classics
½ August 9, 2010
never gets old for me
½ November 5, 2004
Ok, don't get me wrong, Boulevard Nights is a good film from the aspect that if you ever grew up in a low-class neighborhood (Inglewood, East L.A., Watts, etc.) then you can identify with the actions of the gangsters in this film (the tagging, spray cans, tats, so forth.) What kills this film for me is two things - the acting and the storyline. Granted Danny de la Paz is prehaps the only actor in this film that I can buy into. He's legit. But everyone else in this film, from the gangsters to his brother Ramon, who looks like he stepped off a model runway, the finacee, the mother, the whole damn cast of characters is so cheesy. The second thing that kills it is the mind-numbing predicatibility of this film. Granted the first half of it is fine, but once you get an idea of where things are going, you can guess what's going to happen and, like I've said before, that neccessarily a bad thing, but in tihs case, when it gets to the point where it's annoying and detaching for the viewer, it backfires. Otherwise this film is fine. It's those two things that make me drop it form a good film to an okay one.
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