The Bourne Ultimatum Reviews

October 13, 2018
Bourne's aim may be righteous, but it is also most definitely self-serving.
June 23, 2015
Unsuspecting punters may think, 'Well, I've seen the first two, so I might as well find out how the story ends' -- but, if so, they're going to be disappointed.
June 23, 2015
I'm sure a lot of people will find it thrilling. Me, I just wanted to get headache [or] seasickness tablets.
June 23, 2015
It all would have been my kind of fun if I could have had a better look at it.
December 1, 2009
Greengrass comes full circle from the War on Terror film that bit its tongue to the popcorn flick that speaks volumes.
December 18, 2007
A trio of superb cat-and-mouse sequences ... more effectively pinpoint Bourne's psychological anxiety and confusion than Damon's robotic, one-note performance.
August 30, 2007
August 27, 2007
Damon's involuntary flair for springing into an ***-whopping whirlwind is rivaled by his gift for staring into space and projecting smudged flashbacks onto his eyelids.
August 10, 2007
Is this stylized action -- obscured by shaky camerawork and in-your-face edits -- really more exciting than the eye-popping stunts that unfold in real time in a cheesy martial-arts adventure like 'Ong-Bak'?
August 9, 2007
When it's not fast and furious, "The Bourne Ultimatum" settles for slick and noisy... and it's often hard to tell these two moods apart.
August 8, 2007
This film is less interested in good plot than it is in having long, drawn-out action chases of which there are entirely too many.
August 3, 2007
Ultimatum tries to stir sympathy for its indestructible hero. But Jason Bourne has all the charm of a howitzer. He needs some time with the Harry Potter bunch.
August 3, 2007
If you do go to see this thinly scripted and very repetitive action film, bring your seasickness pills [because of the heavy use of the "shakycam"].
August 2, 2007
It's all too easy to see that the filmmakers and Damon are coasting when they could be soaring.
August 2, 2007
One more demonstration of the rule that the third episode of a movie cycle is its worst.
August 2, 2007
It's frenetic to the point of crazy while achieving a mark that barely exceeds mediocre.
August 2, 2007
Will someone get this man a steadicam?
August 1, 2007
Like the other two, Ultimatum has little problem working up a frantic pace & maintaining it. However, Ultimatum has other problems that make it the least effective Bourne.
July 31, 2007
Greengrass's latest plops on the screen with lots of hi-fi energy but, strangely, very little feeling.