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April 12, 2016
Bela plays a professor of psychology who also runs a soup kitchen under an assumed identity. He uses the soup kitchen to recruit hobos and criminals to perform robberies for him. After a robbery is pulled off, he kills his recruits and turns the bodies over to an alcoholic doctor who works at the soup kitchen. The doctor turns them into zombies that he hides in the cellar of the kitchen. Things start to go wrong for him when one of his students goes undercover as a bum to research a paper for Lugosi's class, and ends up coming to the soup kitchen. Oh, and the student's girlfriend happens to volunteer at the kitchen. A cop is also involved. This little flick packs enough plot for 3 movies into a compact 1 hour running time. For this reason alone, it's one of Lugosi's better poverty row cheapies.
April 16, 2015
All may not be as it seems when man who runs a soup kitchen recruits patrons to join his criminal gang and then kills them. Interesting thriller is not very scary and has few surprises, but is divertng enough.
½ February 24, 2014
Lugosi can't save it, but his performance isn't his worse. The story isn't entirely terrible, but it's not really interesting enough. The rest of the characters are pretty bland at most, and even the most exciting moments feel rather lackluster.
October 2, 2013
One of the better B flicks, with Lugosi and a good bit of tension. And reanimation.
½ June 21, 2013
Great silly Lugosi Monogrammer
January 30, 2013
Not a bad Lugosi flick, all things considered. Lugosi operates a soup kitchen which is really a front for his criminal activities! He's pretty brutal, killing his partners just to create perfect crimes. He also, for whatever reason, moonlights as a professor. Noone realizes this until a young college student puts two and two together. There's some feeble acting by the supporting characters, but at least it's not a cheesy horror movie that Bela gets to do.
½ January 27, 2013
More of a straight thriller with the odd horrific moment. It's all quite pedestrian unfortunately, even Lugosi doesn't look that interested in this one.
November 5, 2012
a little slow at times but still pretty good film with bela lugosi.
½ August 14, 2011
One of the better Lugosi poverty row Monograms - this is almost a direct copy of an earlier British film Dark Eyes of London. Lugosi excells as usual.
½ December 12, 2010
BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT (1942); a typical low-budget "B" horror film from the 1940's with two things an imaginative plot for its time and the presence of the great Bela Lugosi. But sadly it also is logged down by the horrible type casting done by these sorts of studios, Lugosi is once again cast as the evil foreign sounding villain with a minor twist he appears to be a good hearted man running a soup kitchen in the Bowery (the poor area of whatever city it takes place in). But in actual fact he is a master criminal who is also a university professor as well who uses any known criminals in soup kitchen to exploit in his fiendish plans, BUT a typical red blooded American man becomes the hero of the film to save his gal from the evil hands of Lugosi.

Overall thoughts on BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT: it's just another Lugosi "B" horror film form the middle part of his American acting career before it all came to an end 13 years later with the beloved Cult hero Edward. D. Wood. JR (AKA Ed Wood). This film had a somewhat interesting plot but was ruined by wooden acting by the supporting cast and the typecasting of Lugosi. The only saving grace of this film, Lugosi commanding performance; The Rating: 50%.
October 31, 2010
Enjoyable crime drama. The DVD cover of my copy of the film is very misleading, but, other than that, it was a pretty good movie. Bela is terrific. Recommended for a free watch online.
Super Reviewer
½ October 13, 2010
A good story, and it's got Lugosi, but it could have been a lot better.
August 31, 2010
Hardly worth any special attention. It has a pretty basic plot and some of the acting from minor characters was atrocious (i.e., the jewellery store owner). But I enjoyed it to an extent.

Plus, Bela Lugosi.
½ November 17, 2009
Respectable low budget classic horror movies, enhanced by the presence of Bela Lugosi before his demise. Good atmosphere, not great by any means, but interesting to watch.
½ November 17, 2009
Respectable low budget classic horror movies, enhanced by the presence of Bela Lugosi before his demise. Good atmosphere, not great by any means, but interesting to watch.
October 16, 2009
Very watchable, but just becomes another movie with it being too simple. It's got a story, and it's not boring, and has some interesting moments.

Rating: NR

My Rating: PG
½ June 28, 2007
Ultra-cheap but very creepy Monogram programmer with Lugosi giving an excellent performance. The ending is kind of silly, but scary in a surrealistic, nightmare-logic kind of way.
June 4, 2007
Bela Lugosi is great in this otherwise less-than-average film. Favourite quote: "I told you to stop that cat from desecrating my graves!"
December 11, 2006
i would like to see this
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