Boys Cry (La terra dell'abbastanza) Reviews

October 20, 2018
It's hard-edged, elliptical and almost wholly without the comforts of traditional sentimentality (despite what the title might suggest), riding on a formulaic narrative that feels stale, if downright irrelevant.
July 3, 2018
A real-life thriller and a pointed political statement that tells the real story of the victims of organized crime.
March 5, 2018
For those still not tired of small-time young Italian gangsters, "Boys Cry" can be considered a solid entry in the genre, but that doesn't mean the script makes anything new out of the usual elements.
February 21, 2018
Its simple yet revealing title indicates the dramatic depths into which debut filmmakers, the self-taught twins Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo, will dive with such impressive style.
February 20, 2018
A knockout.