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March 31, 2019
The only attempt at stretching the wooden characters involves middle daughter Jan being teed off at perfect older sister Marcia and throwing a few fits. We smile the first time.
January 24, 2015
...often as forgettable as it is entertaining.
September 7, 2011
December 18, 2010
Campy, affectionate send-up of a classic TV show.
May 20, 2008
This is enormous fun, one of the best TV adaptations to date, and guaranteed to provoke a nostalgic misty eye and mischevious grin in anybody who's ever owned a crimplene tank top.
May 20, 2008
While the young actors are all fine at spoofery, we get the impression that only Long, McKean and Cole really understand the joke.
May 20, 2008
A curiously sour movie in its amused contempt for this fatuous family.
May 20, 2008
A funny, savvy, camp yet family-friendly look at the Generation-X TV icons.
Top Critic
February 9, 2006
[Director Thomas] drawn hilariously synthetic performances from a shrewdly cloned cast.
August 7, 2005
June 6, 2005
January 24, 2005
September 8, 2003
Funnier than it deserves to be.
September 2, 2003
September 1, 2003
June 9, 2003
Apparently someone else besides yours truly was watching the eighties sitcom "Day by Day".
May 20, 2003
The actors try hard, but the screenplay isn't solid enough to keep any of them consistently clever.
May 20, 2003
May 9, 2003
February 14, 2003
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