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½ September 16, 2011
Another B-movie cheesefest, but better than "Shrews".

PLOT:A surgeon trying to add limbs and such to other people (Jason Evers) tries to reanimate his wife who died in a car crash (Virginia Leith) by keeping her head alive long enough to find a new body to host, but she and the monstrosity behind the door are realizing their power and planning a rebellious escape. It's a typical sci-fi plot, like "Shrews", but offers a little more up to the plate in execution.

ACTING:Most acting sucked hard, but Leith did a pretty good job I'd say.

SCORE:Typical sci-fi creep score, that's misplaced in some parts.

EFFECTS:Pretty good, but overdone to the point of scary-goofy atmosphere.

OTHER CONTENT:One other thing I disliked about this movie is that it concentrated on sex and scantily-clad women for a few sections of the movie. I find that just sad, almost like one of those crappy movies trying to be something. But I guess it just depends on who you are or what you expect. I expected a cheesefet that might be a little better than "Shrews". I got just that.

OVERALL,a neutral sci-fi with a less typical sci-fi plot, sucky acting, typical misplaced score, almost laughable effects, and sad attention tricks.
½ September 8, 2011
As usual, all stars go to MST3K.
July 28, 2011
Wonderful film! A great 50's movie! Adele Lamont was super gorgeous!
Spirited and had a number 1 body! She displayed great acting and evoked much sympathy in her role! Ahead of her time! Herb Evers was handsome and evil. I Virginia Leith was a great Jan in the pan! love this film!
½ July 13, 2011
The Brain That Wouldn't Die is half so-bad-it's-funny and half so-bad-it's-bad.
June 5, 2011
Look, I don't accept the excuse that a movie was made in the 1960's. I could give you a large list of films that were made before the 60's and still are pretty darn amazing. No matter how you cut it, this movie is weak sauce. All you horror fans like me who feel that they need to watch every horror film that is of note, don't feel the need to watch this because your time would be better spent watching the Justin Bieber movie; talk about real horror.
½ May 31, 2011
Is this an exploitation film exposing the mad scientist character's and his society's sexism? Perhaps not. Exceptionally poor audio quality.
½ April 27, 2011
I watched this film with the commentary of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but honestly it was the only thing making the movie moderately enjoyable. It's a decent concept but it's executed terribly. Over half of the movie is the doctor, who believes he's god, searching for sleazy women, so he can cut their heads off and replace it with his wife's. Its horror films like this that deserve intelligent remakes, not the already loved classics.
March 22, 2011
Como muchas pelis de culto, de bajo presupuesto y malos actores, pero con una trama audaz, grotesca y controvertida, y hecha con un estilo interesante que pese a todos sus defectos, sobrevive con encanto propio a trav├ (C)s de los a├▒os.
½ March 14, 2011
Enjoyably bad schlock. A real classic of bad movies.
½ March 3, 2011
Could actually have been a pretty interesting movie, but the mutant in the closet and the severed head's quest for revenge pulls it down a bit. Also, some of the musical choices feel quite odd. B-movie horror from the middle years of cinema, with the usual charm and the usual goofiness.
February 21, 2011
B-movie gem that became popular with Midnight Cinema on TV. Thanks to MST 3000, I was introduced to this artifact. Also on another note, when I first bought this at a Truck Stop, the man at the register smiles and says, "I'll remember seeing this when I was 8 years olde at the Drive-thruu!".

Soooo dumb, but soooo funny. Recommended for unintentional humor file.
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December 12, 2010
The Brain That Wouldn't Die is a perfect example of what a B-Movie is: Boring script, slow pacing, and actors that make Tommy Wiseau look good. Now, the film is important to those that have loves for anything science fiction related, but not much else. Now, do I recommend this film? Only if you either love B-movies, sci-fi. For the rest of you, I suggest you watch the film on the show called: Elvira's Movie Macabre. It makes the film a little less painful.
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November 24, 2010
I thought this was a very cool mad scientist horror movie, but then they kept playing on TV all the time, and I got annoyed with it. Anyway, the story is good, and the ending is great, but they could have better actors. Overall a good movie, it reminds you of the fifties horror movies.
½ November 6, 2010
Crazed doctor stalks a disfigured model whose body he intends to graft the severed head of his wife-to-be upon. Meanwhile, his hate-filled spouse conspires telepathically with a mutant creation of his to end his life.
½ October 28, 2010
played dead straight-the story of an earnest doctor who experiments with body part transplants.when he causes the decapitation of his darling fiancee in a car accident,he keeps her alive till he can replace her body.she is not happy,and recruits help from the "thing" in the locked room.not a bad horror film.
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October 25, 2010
Once again...
If it wasn't for Elvira's intermissions and asides, there would be no reason for sitting through this.
I fun idea...but cheaply made, badly paced, hammily acted and about an hour too long.
October 22, 2010
Sad tale of a doctor who really gets ahead in life. Poorly done, watching this film for the gaffs is more fun than watching this film.
October 16, 2010
a mad scientist who learns a lesson in the end, do not keep your fiances head alive. even against the person wishes. its a campy movie that has a strange premise that works ok not as well as some may think.
October 14, 2010
October 8, 2010
Lesson learned: if you accidentally decapitate your fiancee, and bring her head back to life, she's going to be pissed.
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