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July 27, 2016
It's torture in a box. 1hr and 31 minutes of bad writing, horrible voice-acting and a completely far-fetched scenario---all in a box. Stephen Dorff does his best to make the most of it all, but in the end (literally the ending of the film), it only gets worse.
August 3, 2015
It tried to be "Buried" but lack of story horrid ending/not ending/ending killed it
March 15, 2015
A government agent with a gambling problem is locked in a box in the trunk of a car, terrorists want to know the location of a secret base where the president will be and are going to keep him boxed up till they get it. It's kinda a action movie in a car trunk, if that makes any sense. Stephen Dorff is good for what he has to work with, and it has a few OK moments, but the twist ending seemed dumb and clunky, which just made the whole thing leave a bad taste in my mouth, cinematicly speaking.
2 Beards Out Of 5
February 25, 2015
A government agent with a gambling problem is locked in a box in the trunk of a car, terrorists want to know the location of a secret base where the president will be and are going to keep him boxed up till they get it. It's kinda a action movie in a car trunk, it has some cool moments, but the twist ending seemed dumb.

2 Beards Out Of 5
December 12, 2014
What in the hell. Only slightly less worse than the "it was all a dream" ending. Plot twists completely ignore previous character development. Embarrassing.
November 12, 2014
good, twisted ending
November 8, 2014
Poor rip off of Buried where most of an Agent's colleagues and even his WIFE have become terrorists against their own country and set up an elaborate hoax to get info out of him. Terrible.
½ October 19, 2014
Think Kiefer Sutherland in a plexiglass box locked in a trunk of a car except played by lesser known B lister Hollywood star Stephen Dorff.

Brace yourself for the ending.
October 13, 2014
dobro filmce,iako Stephen Dorff e sam skoro vo filmov,i iako moze da se pogodi fintata na kraj,sepak nema da ve odvoi od ekranot...
½ September 29, 2014
Pretty unbelievable but a bigger twist then a Greggs cheese straw.
September 10, 2014
For a secret agent, the guy is really dumb and the movie suffers from stupid kindergarten logic.
September 8, 2014
I don't continuously watch movies to compare premises and/or surprises like some of these critics, so coming from an average watcher, I thought this movie was a gripping, edge of your seat thriller. Simple things bring simple pleasures. I would recommend this movie to anyone who simply loves thrillers.
September 2, 2014
Interesting thriller. Well worth a look if your a Stephen dorff fan.
½ August 16, 2014
With a same gimmick as "Buried" (some said that the production of "Brake" is even eariler than "Buried"), "Brake" tries to offer a more "commercial" plot. However, the story, especially the 2 plot twists, are pretty dumb.
½ August 6, 2014
Low-budget with only one setting for the majority of the movie, but it seems to work for the most part, although can feel laborious in places despite a fairly short running time. Stephen Dorff does well enough to carry the film given he has all the screen time in a slightly strange conspiracy thriller.
June 22, 2014
Great IFC flick even if it has Steven Dorff. LOL. Intense psychological thriller.
½ June 22, 2014
Not a bad concept. Kind of felt like Phonebooth. But I was sorely disappointed with the lousy ending. They could have ended the movie five minutes earlier and it would have been better.
Super Reviewer
June 11, 2014
You remember that movie Buried? You know, the movie that this one ripped off for its concept. Perhaps ripping off is too harsh of a term. Maybe this film had already been in development for a while, maybe even before Buried. It could've been that Buried's critical success, not commercial success unfortunately, opened the doors up for this film to be financed. The point is that, maybe through no fault of their own, this film will inevitably be compared, unfavorably, to Buried. First things first, Stephen Dorff clearly put himself through hell for this film. I can't imagine how it must be to be trapped in an incredibly confined space for hours on end. I can't really imagine how hot it must've been, though I'm sure they must've had a ventilation system going so as to make sure their lead actor didn't pass out due to heat. For all intents and purposes, Dorff does a great job here. The issues come in when the script, and its story, don't really match up to that performance. Ryan Reynolds gave the performance of his life in Buried, and it was needed in order to believably sell that story, but on top of that you had dialogue that was covered with suspense and tension. They were fighting against the clock in that movie, and the way that movie built, it made that concept work. It really felt like a race against time in order to save this man in this horrible situation. The longer he went, the more his chances to survive diminished. This film doesn't really have that, whether it be budgetary limitations or whatever. This film just doesn't have that same kind desperation, that same kind of 'we're running out of time'...even though one of the film's main visual concepts is the big clock counting down. There's no real hurry or importance to what's going on. Dorff makes it work for the most part because of his performance, and I think he makes the film watchable at best. Of course that's not even touching the ridiculous ending, which I'm DEFINITELY gonna talk about. The film falls victim to wanting to be one step ahead of the audience and I think it comes back to bite them in the ass. The film has two twists. The first twist actually works, in a way. Ok, I'm not even sure how I'm going to talk about this without spoiling it. So fuck it, I'm gonna SPOIL it. Skip ahead if you don't want this ending ruined. Basically, the first twist amounts to everything Jeremy was a part of, was actually a training exercise to see if he would, or could, handle the pressure of the situation and not give up important information about the President's whereabouts during terrorist attacks. It works because, with the government being as secretive as they are, it wouldn't surprise me if these types of exercises already exist. Pushing agents to the limit to see if they can handle the heat. If this had been the REAL ending, it would cheapen everything Jeremy went through...but it somewhat works. The second, and real twist, is the fact that making everything look like it was a training exercise, even down to hiring 'actors' to pretend to be the truck drivers, the 911 operator, the man he sees through the hole in the trunk walking his dog, Henry, and even his own wife, was fake. It was something to throw Henry off his game to, somehow, get him to loosen up and finally reveal the location of Roulette, the bunker the president hides in during terrorist attacks, a location that changes every so often and only a few people are ever aware of its location. Let me get this straight...this group of terrorists went through the trouble of staging this very elaborate hostage situation. Hiring actors to pretend to be people that are helping Henry, the truck driver and the 911 operator, for what exactly? Why would they go to this much trouble? It's absolutely preposterous. I'm not even sure what they were counting on, because for all they know Jeremy, when having gotten out of the trunk, wouldn't have ever given up the location of Roulette. What would they have done then? It's so needlessly, and by extension stupidly, elaborate that you have to wonder what the real purpose of it was. It's not hard for me to believe that the CIA, or whatever government agency you want, would plan these secret training exercises in order to see if one of its agents is up to the incredible demands, or pressures, of the job. That's not hard to believe at all. But when you go one step further and the secret training exercise is just a red herring for the real twist, that's when problems start. The logic of these villains start to fall apart. You realize how much meticulous planning this would actually take. Hoping that, somehow, Jeremy would slip up and reveal the location after he's told it was a training exercise. How can they count on that? The film falls apart because of this. There's no logic, no reasoning behind this. Well other than the fact that the filmmakers can say that they got one "over" on the audience by staying one step ahead. That may very well be so, but to stay one step ahead they had to dumb down what was actually, until that point, a decent movie. Being one step ahead by taking two steps backward isn't really being ahead, but if that's what they want to believe then so be it. Stephen Dorff worked hard, but this film's worst enemy was itself. Watch and you'll see what I'm saying.
June 10, 2014
This was a lot more suspenseful and thrilling than I had anticipated!
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