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Bratz - Bratz Super Babyz Reviews

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February 22, 2014
bratz do you like saving I do to it's soooo much fun.
September 8, 2013
I want to see this movie but it isntletting me
February 10, 2012
This was wonderful what joy it was to my heart. i cryed for days yasmin you rock. i want to be like them some day that would be great. i baught a super hero costume yesterday i look amazing. my wifey and son have one to we went to burger king and i saved a cats life i gave it a fry and milk shake. and sang i am beautiful .
August 18, 2011
hey you guys guess wat this is a fun movie and it is sweet and cute look at the bratz when they where babyz
½ May 5, 2011
No beyond amazing crimes
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