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The Brave Little Toaster Quotes

  • Blanky: Poor Air Conditioner.
    Toaster: I didn't know he'd take it so hard.
    Toaster: I didn't think he'd take it so hard.
    Kirby: Well, he was a jerk anyway.

  • Kirby: [Joining the crew] I just know I'm gonna regret this.

  • Toaster: What are you laughing of?
    Air Conditioner: Nothing at all.
    Lampy: I think he was laughing of us.
    Air Conditioner: You know, you're a bright little lamp.
    Lampy: Hey, thanks... [oticing Toaster's angry look]... hey!

  • Kirby: Why won't you just shut off?
    Air Conditioner: Hey, I'm really scared now, Kirby. What are you going to do? Suck me to death?

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