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March 2, 2019
i love this cartoon i wish that thay would put it back on tv and Netflix
October 13, 2018
I registered just because I wanted a place to say that this movie TRAUMATIZED ME for life. This movie is to blame for me being overly sentimentally attached to inanimate objects and I most certainly do NOT appreciate it. The scene with the cars being smashed while lamenting how they used to be useful and loved and important haunts me over a decade later. The blanket being made into an innocent childlike character did not help matters whatsoever. I wish I could unwatch this movie because I want to cry whenever I think about it.
August 25, 2018
I loved it. Especially as a kid.
August 23, 2018
Honestly my favorite animated movie of all time
½ August 18, 2018
I really liked this film as a child and looking back on it, I think I like it just as much if not a tad more now as an adult. The premise feels like something that shouldn't have much effort put into it but with an enjoyable adventure, lovable characters, a solid story, and a good mix of light charm and dark/scary moments, Brave Little Toaster is a very overlooked Disney film. For parents: the scary scenes really should not be that bad for the kids unless they are easily frightened. If scary scenes don't work for your kids, just fast forward through them.
January 27, 2018
It was okay. It was nothing I need to watch again. I did like the junkyard scene.
January 16, 2018
how disney should be writing there cartoons
½ December 20, 2017
Terrible. You can't put suicide, even if it is suicide of a toaster, in a children's movie.
November 27, 2017
This is one of the best animated movies ever made. A perfect movie for young and old. The story is really good. 5 everyday objects go through struggles to reach their now adult owner. The struggle of going through a organ trade and an electric chair. Okay, not really. They go to a parts shop and a junkyard. And in those places, some of the best Disney tunes ever made are heard. The parts shop is pretty unsettling. The atmosphere is amazing. The song "Worthless" in the junkyard is the best song Disney song ever. Cars tell about their past before being smashed to bits, and it is moving beyond belief. Now, there are some cherry elements for the kiddos, but the creator even thinks teens will enjoy this movie the most. This is one of Disney's best. Watch it as soon as you can.
October 10, 2017
I watch this movie on The Disney channel when I was kid, I like this movie. this movie is adventure to find the real owner in big city
September 23, 2017
When I was younger I watched this movie and I found it interesting how they all go on a adventure to find their master plus it had it's funny moments I know I have not watched this movie in forever but I still remember it
August 29, 2017
This has been my favorite film for a bit over 15 years. That's the majority of my life by the time I'm writing this review. Every time I come back to it, I have something new to appreciate about it. I would like to clear it up for readers of this review before going into it, however, that this movie may be distributed by Disney, but Disney took no part in its creation. One could better explain that a lot of big names in Pixar worked in this movie, and thus, I'd call it Pixar's spiritual first movie, as later Pixar films also take concepts similar to this and go with it.

VISUALS: The visuals are muted for the majority of the film, and giving each character certain color associations was definitely wise. It prevents the audience from mistaking one character over another very easily. The backgrounds are wonderfully made, and each place in this movie has a unique feeling and a different color pallete to further distinguish different places.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: I've given this a section different from visuals because I feel the cinematography does a wonderful job of conveying certain concepts in awesome ways. In many scenes, the characters are depicted as small in comparison to everything else around them, and the characters are frequently looking around at their surroundings. It does a lot to amplify how big the world around them is and how small they are in it, further the sense of wonder(or horror) of the outside world, and create the sense of isolation they've had over the years. It's about their first time outside the old cottage, and they're curious about it all, and rightfully, they recoil from the sensory overload at some points as well. Everything is shown exactly when it needs to be seen.

ACTING: The voice work is amazing! Jon Lovitz definitely took his role and just ran with it. And while others find Blanky's voice to be grating, I find it to be genuine and adorable. The reason he sounds more childish than the rest of the cast is because, well, he is voiced by a child. Deanna Oliver did fantastic conveying a motherly, supportive tone. This is a very human film, despite the fact that the characters are exactly the opposite of human realistically.

MUSIC: Where do I begin with the music? The background music is fantastic and makes one feel like they're in a dream, or as some have described the movie, in a nightmare. The music is grand, but when things settle down, there is no music. It helps the movie feel more natural when the characters are having modest discussion. It takes so many advantages with what it's got. The lyrics are also amazing and fit with each song, and there are subtle messages that accompany the larger ones in it.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: This movie has characters that keep their little quirks, but change through the course of the movie. Each movement and expression is heavily informed by who each character is and what they're feeling. And their voices do awesome at conveying emotions! Their development feels natural and smooth, but it doesn't turn them all into totally noble heroes by the end of the movie. They feel like normal people who went through traumatizing things recently, but have managed to get the happy ending they needed and deserved.

It's likely that in events following the movie, they'll probably feel some horror at the thought of what they went through here. But as we see from the film, they'll be okay because they went through it together, and they've built a fellowship through their suffering that they didn't have before. At the beginning of the film, they're divided, they are constantly fighting. Things that would have outraged them at the beginning, they're shrugging off later on.

Each character's arc is unique, and they each have very specific implications to go along with them both about themselves and each other. One could do a lot of speculation and analysis to further build the characters and the story around them in a way that I haven't quite been able to do for other things.

For very elaborate example, Radio is a model of radio that was very popular in the fifties, so it would be likely Rob's parents handed a family heirloom down to their son. To further add to this, World War 2 had closed only five to ten years before his model's popularization. The effects of the war would still be felt by that time, and it would be reasonable to place him as the oldest among the main group.

OVERALL: Overall, I joined this website just to review this movie, because I love it and wanted to give my input. This movie will probably always be my favorite of all time.
June 12, 2017
The Brave Little Toaster is far better than it has any right to be. I mean, with such an absurd premise, you would think that this is nothing more than a stupid kids movie. But yet, they found a way to take a ridiculous plot, and really make something out of it by having an intense story where it throws out one dark moment after another.
May 30, 2017
While rather dark in parts this film is loaded with memorable songs, loveable characters, and a story that passes the test of time.
May 2, 2017
Now this was a old classic I watched when I was younger and I thought it was a pretty good movie kids should see this movie!
½ March 30, 2017
Much darker and has a lot more moral and spiritual depth than most of today's kid's movies.
January 17, 2017
A forgotten animated gem with loads of warmth and originality.
November 28, 2016
I haven't seen this in about 17 years, and it's a bizarre concept, but I still have warm memories of this flick.
October 8, 2016
This movie is way better than you'd ever expect. The dialogue is cringe, but the atmosphere is handled so beautifully, and the subtle themes are fairly compelling.
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