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August 19, 2014
This movie wasn't the best, but it had some cute and funny moments that made it worth watching.
May 7, 2014
Perfect. Very cute. Loved it completely
August 28, 2013
very...juvenile in terms of direction, story line acting and the whole bit.
June 7, 2012
The plot could have been something else. Predictable.
½ April 20, 2012
This was a sweet and funny chick flick. The ending was perfect and the cast was surprisingly good.
½ March 1, 2012
Cute, I did not like the actress though
February 27, 2012
Yes, this film is a bit on the cheesy side, but I'll admit I really enjoyed it. It may be just another chick flick, but it's got heart too, and that's what makes it an even more enjoyable story to watch unfold. So, if you decide to watch this, prepare for cheese but know you'll likely end up with a smile on your face like I did.
February 24, 2012
A feeble attempt to be cleaver, but isnt.
½ January 25, 2012
Another Totally Crap Movie
I supose only girls like this movie
All these woman who are only looking for guys with money...fuck them !
Britney has a cool cd - player
The painting at the end sucked !!!
½ December 24, 2011
This is what happens when you make a movie without trying very hard.
October 2, 2011
Another terrible romantic comedy.
June 25, 2011
painfully predictable...some cute spots but *sigh*
½ June 12, 2011
it was on...i watched it. unfortunately, i don't really have anything else to offer in regard to this one. honestly, 90 minutes of my life that i wish i could get back!
½ June 8, 2011
The movie was watchable, but I felt like I had wasted my time after watching it.
½ May 4, 2011
What a sorry excuse for a movie! I turned it off a couple times and eventually just had it playing while I did other stuff. TERRIBLE!
January 7, 2011
This has some mildly amusing moments, and that makes it more or less worth watching. But for the most part it's cheesy, unrealistic and overly sappy. The acting is a bit wooden, and the girly pop soundtrack only ups the nausea factor. I suppose if you're into sugary sweet quasi-comedy, you might love this. But it was all a bit much for me.
½ December 23, 2010
A plot composed of bits from Hitch, Failure to Launch, and other such movies. Nothing super original, but okay to watch if you like these types of romantic comedies. Oh, and the Titanic-esque scene was completely unnecessary.
December 4, 2010
The movie is average. Nothing special. The story is slow and has no motive. Only good thing in this movie is "Amanda Crew". She's cute and beautiful !
½ November 24, 2010
it's not you, it's me!
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