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October 19, 2017
surpreendentemente, as alegrias de Breezy residem no 'como' em vez do 'o que' neste encantador romance dirigido por Clint Eastwood
December 31, 2016
So it turns out there is this woman writer behind a few of the early Clint Eastwood directorial movies. I didn't know that before last night because I'm not much of a movie buff and certainly not much of an Eastwoodian. So I have never seen Play Misty for Me, written by Jo Heims.
Jo Heims does not have a wiki page. She died many years ago (1978) at 48 years old.

Breezy was written by Jo Heims. It is a May-Dec romance story. That is why I watched it, because I'm interesting in that sort of thing, I mean, what people think about it and so forth.
I think the movie is pretty well done. There are some scenes between the two of them that I felt we rather realistic in that they had some reflection on some things that happen in a relationship I'm having. (The ratio of that difference is not as deep as the one in the movie. We are both about 10 or so years older than the people in the movie.) But these little dialogue scenes really make the movie.

Breezy: No lectures on maturity, either.
Frank Harmon: Not a word shall pass my lips. I'll let you in on a secret... nobody matures. They just grow tired.

She also calls him out frequently for making what they are doing tawdry. I liked that. Because our love is not pure. It is clouded with our conditioning.
I have been thinking about our lovely commercial culture in relation to sex and love. Frankly, when I think about that stuff I feel sad and a little angry about what has been taken from us. Our innocence is made tawdry and sold back to us in a distorted sleazy product that then begins to inhabit the "norm". I have recently really begin to FEEL the tragedy of this religious/commercial distance from what we were and what part of me still is. The USA is a really sexually repressed culture, but you can get sleaze by the shopping cart load at Walmart or a retailer near you, or turn on your TV.
There is a scene in the movie where Frank's friend distorts the beauty of his relationship with Breezy. He is the dirty repressed voice of commercial sleaze and unfortunately turns Frank's head for a moment..

So this movie is worth a look. I liked it.
½ October 14, 2016
The one who wandered around like a breeze.

This is one of the earlier directional venture for Clint Eastwood. Probably not famous among his fans as his other flicks, but I totally loved it. I did not know it was his film till I saw, though he did not star in it, because the story needed an older actor than he was at that time. To me this film looked like a sweet poem, one of the rare romance theme, and most probably for the open minded people. Now this entered into my all time favourite list. So now you know how much I liked it, but I want to write more about it...

It was a wonderful opening, I mean very simple, but you will remember forever the Breezy's introduction, step by step her trademarks like her attire; a hat and an old jacket, guitar that never used and the way she's living her life on the daily basis. We never know why she chose that life, but her kindness really reaches our heart. She's not just like her kind of people, I mean Americans call them hippy, but very soon the film reveals her emotional side when she finds a dead dog on the road side. So she runs away from a man she just met leaving her things behind in the car, but again, they meet in an unexpected circumstance like a fate brought them together. Their relationship as well gets more intentional by the days passing by. But the unavoidable differences between them and the society that talks behind them forces them apart. The remaining tale is to disclose whether they remain true to their hearts or the reality takes over.

Don't misunderstand what you read in synopsis, this is not a sexual exploration or drugs and alcohol related thematic product. This is a cute romance film between an older man and an older teenage girl. So it is good for the grown-up audience and maybe matured teens, particularly not for the people who are culturally, religiously attached to. I don't think so, I would have liked it if I saw it ten years ago. Maybe the age factor played a role here, I'm a different person now, but I'm glad I saw it at the right time of my life. Like there's a saying, better late than never, anyway, I was not even born when it came out.

"Nobody matures. They just grow tired."

Not just Clint Eastwood's direction, but the writing was top class. Everybody who worked for the film delivered, but still I can't understand how it went unnoticed all these years. Both the lead actors were extraordinary. Great, an unusual chemistry, especially William Holden was made for the character he had played in this. And for Kay Lenz, it will be her best film, particularly from those I've seen. She also nominated for the Golden Globe for her role in this, but I feel she should have won it. The musics and songs were good with the beautiful cinematography. You will never know how this film ends so fast, that kind of addictive it is that makes you forget the time.

The most of the film focused on the two main characters and they are completely different from one another which was neatly briefed on the screen for us. It took enough time to set the tone right, particularly the old man's, but Breezy was very easy and everybody who watches this film would surely fall in love with her. Eastwood did not make many romance films, but from those this would definitely remain on the top. He said he liked this one very much, it is his one of the favourite among his directional features. I would have not minded if he had played the lead role with make-up to change the look, but I'm very happy with the existing casting.

It opened with the character Breezy, but soon the narration shifts to an old man's perspective. Slightly an emotional tale, but in a romantic way. There were many touching and memorable lines. When I like a film, I would watch it again in a short gap and I did for this. But the result was same, I liked it even more on my second viewing. Forget the respond it got when it got released, but those who watched it in the recent time praising it a lot. Definitely it's going to set a cult status once a good number of people saw it, definitely it should be. For now it is like another 'Melody', so I strongly suggest you to watch it and spread the words. I hope you realise I'm not wrong.

May 5, 2015
A surprising & enjoyable largely unknown Clint Eastwood film that was so simple it worked with a wonderful heart felt performance by William Holden in his later years.

The story of a well off mature aged independent real estate agent accidentally coming across happy go lucky teen hippie Breezy played perfectly by Kay Lenz.

It's the characters that truly draw you in & you really fall for them. This film was a flop at the box office but a genuinely like able film. A must see for Clint Eastwood fans.
October 10, 2013
Both actors do their part well enough to keep this thing afloat. 'Breezy' is obnoxious, but never crosses the line into annoyance, and Holden manages to add in just enough humor to go along with his dull demeanor. It's certainly not a classic, and it does go on about 15 minutes too long - but Eastwood manages to pull it off.
½ August 31, 2013
Breezy is a decent film. It is about Breezy who is a teen-aged hippy with a big heart that falls in love with an older divorced man. William Holden and Kay Lenz give good performances. The script is enjoyable but a little slow in places. Clint Eastwood did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and romance.
January 12, 2013
A young free-spirited hippie who calls herself Breezy meets a middle aged wealthy playboy. Despite their opposite personalities and age difference, the two fall in love. The subject is certainly an awkward one to deal with and though Eastwood tells it with enough class and delicacy it comes across as weaker than Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude, which is similar and came out just two years previous.
July 16, 2012
A not to be missed love story from the early 1970's with William Holden and a delightful Kay Linz. The 2nd film Clint Eastwood directed. His first was Play Misty for me.....also a wonderful film
May 8, 2012
hippy chick meets mr. establishment in this early 70's flick directed by clint eastwood. Oddly enough, Breezy figures somehow into Phillip K Dick's science fiction novel VALIS which of course now I have to read. I've always been a fan of Holden, so of course I enjoyed the movie. Some may find the story hard to believe, but hey its the swingin 70's. Holdens house in this movie is the bomb!!!
February 12, 2012
A charming movie about two people who need one another.
October 24, 2011
Great William Holden, Lincoln Continental Town Car.
September 5, 2011
This was only Clint Eastwood's 3rd film as a director, coming hot off the heels of High Plains Drifter (1973), and it was the first film he directed that he didn't star in, (something that's common with his films now). It's a touching romantic drama, which is actually one of the most touching films Clint ever made, and it shows his maturity as a director growing. Set in and around Los Angeles, it follows carefree hippie Edith Alice "Breezy" Breezerman (Kay Lenz), who is 17 years old and jumps from car to car, bed to bed around Los Angeles. However, when one driver (Norman Bartold) tries to rape her, she escapes and finds herself going up the driveway of Frank Harmon (William Holden), a tired, divorced real estate agent, well into middle age. He agrees to drive Breezy into town, but they encounter one another again over the course of a week, and it blossoms into a relationship. Breezy shows Frank the carefree side of life, and how to enjoy things, whereas Frank helps Breezy mature into a responsible woman, but people get talking about the age gap in the relationship, which affects them both. It's a by-the-numbers romance film, but it does have two brilliant performances in it, and Holden and Lenz make it a believeable relationship, but it doesn't get under the skin. Universal shelved it for a year, and barely promoted it, Clint didn't try romantic films again for 22 years.
Super Reviewer
July 28, 2011
Clint eastwood early directing effort from the 70s, and while not starring this is a good film its entertaining and story always engageing, the two leads are very watchable. the divorced old man played by William holden, whos life looks up a bit when free spirit youngster Breezy again exellently played by kay lenz. a story about a unconventional romance and its consequences on each other, the film is touching at times and shows the relationship well.
½ April 18, 2011
In the cover of Breezy there is a quote from Clint Eastwood: "This is one of my favourite films that I have directed". I have never even heard of this film - so I bought it from the discount box at 4,99â,¬ (Sometimes a quote on the cover of the DVD can make a sale).

It's about a romance between older man and a twenty year old hippie girl. Story is well-told and characters believable (at least in 1973's reality). Acting could have had more depth - too much glycerine tears. Casting was perfect - Kay Lenz is a spot on as a cute flower child and William Holden is a real depiction of a bitter old man.
February 18, 2011
A really beautiful film which is very well directed. William Holden is great but the young and talented Kay Lenz steals the show as the hippy girl who scams her way around California and falls for a much older guy. The locations are often breath-taking. A really great start for Eastwood as a director.
February 6, 2011
Even in those early days good old Clint had his touch.
December 8, 2010
I loved this quite obscure film when I first saw it when I was 17, and so I watched it again mostly out of nostalgia. I was surprised how good it was, at the way the storyline still touched me, and most of all how much it had affected my outlook on life - "Do you start believing what you see in the mirror and forget about what you feel inside? Do you stop feeling because the outside of you makes it seem foolish? Does becoming older mean feeling foolish? What's there to look forward to if you can't go on loving and being loved? I'm never going to be like that." I'd forgotten the quote, but I must have taken it to heart, because I've never been like it either.
December 8, 2010
Excellent gem of a movie (which does not feel dated) due to its extremely clever script and Spring/Autumn romance storyline. A young hippie 20 year old begins a relationship with a man who thought his best years and happier days were behind him. She teaches him to love life and to hope again. Honest, gentle, and wonderfully directed- this film is great for audiences with mature minds and a positive outlook on life.
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