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May 15, 2016
strong movie with many ideas
½ March 9, 2016
It wouldn't be an overstatement to say this is the greatest and most important war film ever made.
½ March 1, 2016
A sweeping character-driven war epic about how ego and honor gradually erode the lines between ally and foe.
January 15, 2016
Saw this on 15/1/16
A movie that showers complex emotions and questions at the audience only to unsuccessfully answer it all with patriotism rather than sticking on to Col. Nicholson's views. The film is satirical at most times and also proves to be one of the best American films about Non-Americans, yet for the ending, I shall have to stick on to the view of the physician- "Madness".
½ December 12, 2015
A dignified and classic film that examines men's pride and the complexities of war. Alec Guinness and William Holden combine to deliver an excellent movie. An interesting aspect of this film is that The Bridge, for Colonel Nicholson, is a symbol of pride for he and the British soldiers, so much so that he forgets his place by the end of the movie and almost favors the survival of the structure over the sabotage of his creation by his military's command.
½ December 6, 2015
Felt a lot like "For Whom the Bell Tolls". A very engaging snapshot of the war. Even though it's a little long, the quality of the whole thing more than makes up for it.
Super Reviewer
November 19, 2015
An excellent war movie focused on characters rather than on battles, with an intense Oscar-winning performance by Alec Guinness. The cinematography is not flawless, with some scenes visibly filmed during the day and darkened to appear as night, but this is compensated by a suspenseful climax that is unforgettable.
½ September 8, 2015
Builds to an absolutely incredible climax. The amazing locations and trademark Lean flair for grand images is all here.
Paris S.
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½ August 5, 2015
A big and excellent film with a near perfect beginning and ending. There are some incredible performances here, aided by an impeccably written cast of characters and story. The middle I found to be a bit overlong, though the payoff is massive.
July 27, 2015
There's just NO WAY this deserved the Oscar over 12 Angry Men that year.
July 27, 2015
Far from David Lean's best work, The Bridge on the River Kwai is an entertaining and complex war epic that failed to reach the potential it was meant to have
½ July 14, 2015
An all-time classic from David Lean, this was only my 2nd time watching it. Really well made and entertaining. Guinness and Holden are great. This film is a must watch!
½ July 12, 2015
A wonderful war movie about prisoners of war rather than the actual fighting which is a refreshing tale to see in a movie. Alec Guinness, Willem Holden, and Sessue Hayakawa are all great as is David Lean, the master of directing epic films. Beautiful cinematography, great score, great costumes, and sound design
½ June 26, 2015
A powerful war drama that explores the undercurrents of liberal motivations, with groundbreaking special effects and suspense that still holds up today, and masterfully executed cinematography, lighting, foreshadowing, and performances. A de servant classic.
June 17, 2015
A fine well-made war film with some top notch performances.
½ June 14, 2015
Set aside the historical inaccuracies, The Bridge on the River Kwai is a movie about stubbornness and obsession. Alec Guiness is great.
June 6, 2015
Mistaken Alec Guiness as David Niven. Ben Obi-wen before Star Wars. Good acting.
May 29, 2015
one of my 22 top films
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